Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, warned the participants in the Ashura parades against the new Yazidis, stressing the necessity to protect the lives and cooperate with the security apparatuses. He thus called the participants in the Ashura parades and the servants of Hussein (AS) to be role models for others, saying it is necessary to choose places and times that are suitable with the people's movement and to respect the holiness of the rituals of the commemoration of Hussein (AS), and these rituals will last forever. "The Hussein's revolution is not only a historical event, but also a message to disavow the tyrants", he added, "Hussein (AS) is killed every day since he recognized the most serious challenges and brought a long-term solution for them, which is the respect of covenants and pacts". This came during the 9th conference of Ashura parades held in his office in Baghdad, Monday, 4/11/2013.      
 His Eminence stressed that Ashura rituals are an expression of the belonging, the behavior and the doctrine. He explained that the deeper the doctrine is, the clearer the expression is, saying these rituals have a social dimension since they reflect solidarity and tolerance between the group; a political impact since they reflect power and dignity and a psychological impact since they reflect belonging and decisiveness of men, confirming that the Ashura rituals were designed for the followers of Ahl-al-Bayt to introduce them to the issue of Hussein (AS). He remarked that mourning Hussein (AS) by crying means supporting him, sympathizing with the grievance inflicted on him and standing up with right, and that with the blessing of the Ashura assemblies, the Husseinis became more cultured, stressing the importance that other sects and faiths take part in the Ashura parades.