The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, considered the visit of Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoğlu to Iraq as an important step to strengthen the relations between the two countries and a reminder of the common interests and the necessity to activate the ad hoc committees, so as to guarantee the interest of both the Iraqi and Turkish peoples. His Eminence highlighted that his meeting with the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs held in his Baghdad office on Sunday, 10/11/2013, tackled the relations between the two countries as well as regional issues, mainly the Syrian crisis. He explained that there is an Iraqi and Turkish will to promote relations between the two countries, adding that Turkey has a firm stance regarding the fight against terrorism and considers that it shares with Iraq the same problem.
From his part, the Turkish minister praised the Hakim family and stated that they have a religious and scientific weight not only in Iraq but in the entire region. He expressed his optimism that the visit will push the bilateral relations forward, indicating that Turkey and Iraq are among the countries that are the most prejudiced by the Syrian crisis. He finally voiced his concern over the control shown by radical groups in Syrian and the humanitarian crisis there, stressing that Turkey is consulting with everyone in preparation for the Geneva II Conference.