Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called on youth to read the Quran for it will lead believers to paradise, explaining that through Quran, insight is achieved and facts are revealed. This came during the 6th night of Muharram in the mourning assembly held at the office of his Eminence in Baghdad, Sunday 10/11/2013. His Eminence warned against abandoning the Quran, since a big number of the problems we suffer today is due to separation from the Quran. He stated that Allah, the Almighty created in everybody the possibility of reaching insight and bestowed certainty, guiding and truth on believers, considering Hussein (AS) the holder of the divine project and the extension of the Quran's application. He affirmed that the 7th night of Muharram is the night of Abu Fadl al-Abbas (AS) who was blessed with insight, known for honoring covenants, nobility, courage and support for the right.