The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, called on the Iraqi youth to take care of the models and colors they wear because they belong to Ahl Al Bayt (AS), explaining that the pride of women is in their veil, adding that El Qassem (AS) was an insightful boy who stated that death for the sake of right and the reformist project of Imam Hussein (AS) is sweeter than honey. This came during the 7th night of Muharram in the mourning assembly held at the office of his Eminence in Baghdad, Monday 11/11/2013. His Eminence stressed that Allah has given promise to the believers that they will inherit the earth, explaining that what is valid in the Quranic approach is valid in its course, work and attitude. He added that humans can see clearer when they examine in-depth the verses of Allah, for they give faith and make people insightful. His Eminence affirmed that believers have a share in any fight between the right and wrong; if a believer is killed in such fight, he would become a martyr of the project and if he triumphs, the vocational project would triumph.