The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, called to understand the greatest Husseini lesson, which is the Husseini dialogue. He promoted partners to launch an intrepid Husseini dialogue for the sake of Iraq and for the sake of its people who vanquished the illusions of oppressors and terrorists and who is still resistant until the great victory. Addressing the brothers in religion and humanity, he said “Let’s dust off the misled and distorted Islam and shape a new future for our original Islam”, stressing the importance of establishing Allah’s project on earth so that Islam can move forward and Muslims can become the best nation brought to mankind. His Eminence highlighted the need to understand the revolution, course and leadership of Hussein, underlining the importance of a dialogue based on the principles of Karbala. He gave the Husseinis, followers of the Martyr of the Niche, the responsibility of building and defending Iraq, and pursuing the restoration of insufficient rights to live in dignity in the homeland of Hussein. Sayyid Al Hakim considered the work of the sons of the Martyr of the Niche is their destiny and added that they have to be the protective shield and lance of this nation and to be generous like Hussein. He stressed that the Martyr of the Niche movement aims to eliminate corruption and stand in support of whoever follows it, indicating that the main concern of movement and the Citizen bloc is to fight corruption and corrupts and launch the project of global administrative revolution in order to save the public institutions from routine, negligence, laziness and retardation, reiterating the slogan for the next stage: “A people we do not serve is a people we do not deserve to represent.”
His Eminence warned the terrorists and new Yazidis that they will be faced with millions of Hussein and Zeinab, followers of the revolution and legacy of Hussein, and they will never reach theur evil goals as long as our hearts are beating.
This came in His Eminence’s speech delivered on the occasion of the 9th of Muharram simultaneously in Baghdad and eleven provinces, Wednesday, 13/11/2013.
Hussein Destroyed the corruption concealed under the religious dress
His Eminence explained that Hussein has opened through his revolutionary rise a great door of freedom and thus deserves to be father of all free people because he has destroyed with his revolution, corruption, radicalism and sectarianism, and instilled the principles of faith in the right, which cannot be ignored or taken away as long as there are living souls sacrificing in its sake. He indicated that Hussein (AS) has destroyed the corruption concealed under the religious dress, governing in the name of violated legitimacy, which is the most dangerous type of corruption. This is what we find in our current time, whereby it governs in the name of Allah while Allah disowns them. We see those pretending to be an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and their latest statements on how they consider Hussein (AS) their enemy, putting aside the saying of the Prophet (pbuh): “Allah loves whoever loves Hussein. Hussein is from me and I am from Hussein. Allah loves whoever loves Hussein. Hassan and Hussein are the leaders of the youth of paradise”. His Eminence added that the confrontation between Hussein and Yazid was not a confrontation between a revolutionary and a governor, but one between reform and corruption, therefore, the sacrifices were enormous and that this confrontation will remain until Allah says otherwise.   
Sayyid Al Hakim indicated that in each era, there is a Yazid and there are people seeking to legitimize and theorize his corruption; in each era, there are Husseinis who defend the faith, sacrifice for the right and pursue the course of the leader Hussein. He pointed out that Hussein has freed us from corruption and injustice and has taught us that freedom is the reward of believers who believe in the divine right, the forgiveness of this religion, Allah’s justice on earth and equality of everyone. His Eminence called to fight fanaticism describing it as a poisonous illness that destroys religion from the inside. The crowd surrounding Hussein in his army lost sects and religions, because the followers of Hussein are first humans before being members of a sect, religion or nation, because they realized that Hussein is the leader of the great freedom rise and that he rises with his principles above fanaticism, corruption and injustice and that divine justice is the basis of confessions and religions.
Sayyid Al Hakim stressed the need to hold up high the principles of Hussein’s rise, and the need for a revolutionary Husseini army that fights for all the human principles while transcending sects, religions and national belongings. This army should hold a message of Husseini peace, tolerance and coexistence, an army of love and harmony not one of battles and fights. His Eminence explained that Hussein did not subject his rise and revolution to the criteria of victory or loss, or to the criteria of triumph or martyrdom. He wanted to show the reality of the authentic Islam of Muhammad so that he can save the religion of his grandfather from corruption and extinction and prove that Islam is a religion of love, peace, justice and equity. His Eminence finally indicated that the first ten days of Muharram teach us the meaning of freedom, revolution and victory, underlining that the Husseini revolution was born in the moment of martyrdom of the leader and that there is no other revolution similar to that of our Hussein, where birth is the moment of martyrdom.
Zeinab Bint Hashim Has Vanquished the Armies of Tyrants and Propagandist Accusations
Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim underlined that the principles of rightness and reform deserve sacrifice and require boldness in the diagnosis and treatment, pointing out that the fate of Iraq is the reformist, sacrificing martyr Hussein. His Eminence shed light on the position of Lady Zeinab who led the battle from the moment our Hussein finished his military battle. The geographical area from Karbala to Kufa and to the Levant was a witness to this battle in which the lady of Banu Hashim vanquished the armies of tyrants. Our lady Zaynab is still pursuing her battle; she represents the survival of the right in the face of the wrong, the survival of tolerance in the face of fanaticism and of authenticity in the face of corruption. His Eminence indicated that the battle against corruption, fanaticism and sectarianism is similar to that of Hussein in course and meaning. The time may be different, but the adversaries are still the same.
Incarnate “We Will Be Husseinis Forever” Symbol
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq described the sons of the martyr f the niche as real men of the homeland and the citizens and as Husseinis in their words, acts, behaviors and great attitudes, calling on them to follow the path of Hussein and incarnate “We Will Be Husseinis Forever” symbol for the sake of the faith and the homeland. He also hoped that Ashura constitutes a stop to reconsider the positions and engage in an honest Husseini dialogue, since Husseinis would never advocate discord and fighting or use offensive words, and Husseinis would never allow for conflicting and losing of goals, considering Karbala as symbol of unity, sacrifice and altruism. He said Iraq of Hussin must also promote dialogue, communication and convergence on the right for the sake of a country that deserves to be a beacon for the right. In his opinion, in the assembly of Abou Abdullah al Hussein, as if someone is invoking our conscience, “be guarded against conflict and discord. Be united in Iraq and for it, and for the grievance of an oppressed and a stolen right.” He explained that the project of the fair modern state is now well-defined and we need to merge ourselves with our people in our greatest project, and to be the eye through which it sees the future and the heart beating with ambition and hope for it, as well as to  be committed to advance the interest of the country and the citizens over our timely and categorical interests. Here he reminded that history will only remember those respected by their people and who honored their responsibilities and worked with loyalty and honesty, and that’s what we learnt from Hussein and strongly implanted in us by our eternal martyr, the martyr of the niche, the lead of whom was followed by Aziz of Iraq (may Allah sanctify his sole). 
The Countries of the Region Have a Responsibility of Taking their Peoples to the Safe Shore amidst this Boiling Turmoil
His Eminence said the fact that the region is witnessing great shifts, and is found on a turning point: whether to be submerged by chaos, takfirism and evil, or that its peoples converge on love, security and peace is putting Iraq before a big responsibility, i.e. becoming a bridge of communication and convergence, not a front of intersection and animosity, depicting it as the bulwark against the flood of hatred and corruption. At the same time, he entrusted the countries of the region with the responsibility of taking their peoples to the safe shore amidst this boiling turmoil. He pointed out to Bahrain which is still suffering from a serious division, and Syria which turned into an arena for international confrontation. Furthermore, he hoped that Geneva 2 manages to stop the fighting in this brother country and reach a political peaceful solution agreed upon by all the components of the Syrian people, not to mention what is happening in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen. He stated that states need true leaders who can provide a comprehensive, effective project for their peoples and countries, in order not to allow for their states to be held hostages to terrorism and to keep them away from international interventions which would be endless. On the other hand, he welcomed the positive development of negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the West, hoping they come up with a global solution for this sensitive issue by recognizing the right of Iran, as Islamic country in the region, to acquire peaceful nuclear power and lifting the embargo, and reassuring the region and the international community about the peaceful purposes of such process. He also welcomed the visit made by Turkish officials to Iraq and this rebuilding of relations with this Islamic brother neighbor, stressing the importance of improving the relations with the Gulf countries with Palestine being always the most important issue for the nation regardless the developments in the other arenas.
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