The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, stressed that Iraqi tribes are the safety valve which maintains the country’s stability and security, thanks to the values inherited acroos generations. His Eminence added that Iraqi tribes represent the nerve of life and the solution key to all forms of disputes and conflicts, because of its interlaced structure representing the Iraqi people. He insisted that the merits of progress, modernization and future vision in the country are attributed to the tribes, unlike some people might think. His Eminence urged sheikhs and leaders to support and assist officials who have competence and good management skills regardless of their tribal, partisan and nationalist affiliations, indicating that an employee who is not competent should be sacked even if he was upright, for the country is in dire need for competent men with managerial skills able to invest the country’s immense budgets in order to provide services to citizens. Sayyid Al Hakim explained that the essence is the provision of services to all citizens on the basis of justice and equal opportunities.
His Eminence also praised during the meeting the role of Zawalem tribes in Iraq, especially in supporting the country’s fair demands and in supporting the religious authority, as well as holding on to authentic Islamic values throughout all the phases of Iraq’s long history.
From his part, Sheikh Hatem Al Shaalan commended the role of the Hakim family, starting from the highest authority and chief of sect Imam Sayyid Mohsen Al Hakim (May Allah sanctify his soul) to our present day, as they played a vital role in sacrificing and sparing no effort to promote the status of religion and hold up high Iraq’s reputation.