The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, called on citizens to update their data on the voters’ registry, describing this step as essential to guarantee participation in the coming elections. He explained that the update process does not take more than half an hour and that any family member can act for his family in updating their data.
Updating his data in the voters’ registry at the center for update of voters’ registry in Al Karada area on Wednesday, 27/11/2013, His Eminence praised Al Najaf Al-Ashraf Province for being on top of the list of provinces that are most updating their voters’ registry. He indicated that there are ten more days for updating the registry and urged the citizens of Baghdad to update their data despite their suffering, stressing that elections are a very important step and adding that whoever is satisfied with the government and parliament performance should renew the mandate, and whoever is opposed to the performance must participate to make a change, the first steps of participation being updating the voters’ registry for himself and his family. His Eminence finally commended the efforts of the Independent High Electoral Commission for facilitating the update procedures.