After taking all the roads leading to Holy Karbala starting from the city of Basra passing through the provinces of the south then the Middle Euphrates provinces and the city of Wasit, the Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, was honored to perform the Arba’een visit by visiting the grave of Imam Hussein (AS) and the grave of his Brother Abu El Fadl El Abbas (AS). His Eminence prayed that Allah the Almighty preserves Iraq, its people and the followers of Ahl El Bayt (AS), praising the attendance of millions of followers of Ahl El Bayt (AS) from Iraq, the Gulf, the Arab countries and Europe, wishing the visitors a safe trip back to their cities and countries. His Eminence also commended the army men, policemen and all the people who contributed and still are contributing to the success of the visit.