The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, described the federal government’s decision to adopt the 5 petro-dollar law for oil producing provinces as right, thanking everyone who contributed in achieving this step, starting with the religious authorities, parliamentary blocs, ad-hoc committees in the parliament, governors, provincial councils, public opinion and media. His Eminence particularly thanked the council of ministers and the ministers who voted and supported the change of course, as well as the Prime Minister Al Maliki, and considered this step as a corrective one, wishing that the government reviews some of its decisions. His Eminence expressed his confidence that the government will eventually realize how strongly it is moving forward, indicating that the 5 petro-dollar represents a decisive start-off for the provinces that produce and refine oil. The government, the parliament and the provinces, he added, have a specific mission. He called the government to pursue what it did by withdrawing its challenge to amend the provincial law from the federal court and guaranteeing the vast mandates stipulated in the provincial law amendment regarding spending the funds. His Eminence wondered about the use of allocating sums while restricting provinces and preventing them from spending the funds because of strict bureaucratic measures! He expressed his refusal of any endeavors to postpone the elections.
This came during the celebration held on the 44th memory of the death of the religious leader Ayatollah Imam Sayyid Mohsen Al Hakim (May Allah sanctify his soul), the leader of unity, in his eminence’s office, on Wednesday, January 29th, 2014.
Depositing the Shares of Oil Producing Provinces in a Special Bank Account for the Province
His Eminence called the Iraqi Parliament to ratify the granting of rights to provinces on a monthly basis, by compelling the Ministry of Finance to calculate the volume of exported oil at the end of each month and depositing the provinces’ share from these exports in a bank account for each province that can be used at any time within the applicable mandates and regulations. His Eminence stressed at the same time that provinces should prove they’re worthy of these allocations by investing them in real service projects and making citizens feel a clear development in the services provided to them. He underlined that this can only be achieved by developing real strategic plans to advance these provinces and their cities, away from exaggerations and intimidation. Sayyid Al Hakim indicated the need to provide for the essential needs of our Iraqi provinces and ensure minimum civilized and human criteria at first, and then compete with the rest of the countries in the region and around the world. His Eminence mentioned the importance of monitoring these provinces, especially the ones that are run by the Martyr of the Niche, stressing that he will rectify, observe, hold accountable and will not justify or conceal the mistakes of anyone.
The Parliament Should Adopt the Retirement Law
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq stated that the retirement law is among the important and essential laws in the process of rectifying the social and economic paths in the new Iraq, and that it eliminates the great injustice that had hit large categories in society. His Eminence called MPs from various parliamentary blocs to accelerate the voting on the law and bring the good news of adopting it to our citizens. He reiterated that the Iraqi people’s fight against terrorism is a continuous fight and will sustain because it is a fight for existence, not one for power or influence.
Developing Combat Plans and Providing the Army with Weapons in Fighting Daesh
About the ongoing military operations in Anbar, His Eminence stressed his full support to the members of armed forces. He wished them victory in their fight against Daesh and other armed terrorist organizations, stressing the need to develop combat plans and provide them with adequate weapons that increase their defense capacities and enable them to efficiently eliminate terrorist groups. His Eminence expressed his confidence that victory is our alliance God willing, for terrorism and takfirism are instant in this life, and peace, unity, coexistence and regulated freedoms are the natural law of life. He explained that no matter how long or short, urgent thins will fade away and natural law will triumph. We are life and they are death. We are the future and they are the black past. We are the holders of right in this country and they are the ephemeral falsehood.
The Smart Card is a Step to Guarantee Voting without Manipulation or Falsification
Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim considered that the smart card distributed by the Independent High Electoral Commission to the citizens is a significant step to guarantee participation in the elections and in guaranteeing votes without any manipulation or falsification. He expressed his hope that the Commission works on facilitating the procedures and accepting that one family member receives the card without requesting repetitive attendance at registration centers, which could prevent some citizens from accomplishing the mission. He called all citizens to express their high feeling of responsibility, complete the required procedures, obtain this card for them and their families and not consider the procedures required by the Commission as cumbersome, because they are in their interest and seek to prevent their votes from being stolen.
Imam Al Hakim is a Leader of Unity and the Holder of a Leading Project
Regarding the occasion, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim stated that the religious leader Imam Mohsen Al Hakim was open to society and to tribes and their leaders; he built a large network of eminent figures and worked on establishing the Koufa university and several libraries and on supporting the publishing efforts. His Eminence indicated that Imam Al Hakim contributed in solving conflicts and gave special attention to the Shabak and Turkmen ; he also took interest in the general Islamic environment and was open to Al Azhar, the Palestinian cause and his position with Sayyid Kotob and the Kurds. He was a real leader of unity and the holder of a leading project, his eminence concluded.