Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, met in his office in Baghdad on January 30, 2014, with the Speaker of Council of Representatives of Iraq, Mr. Usama al-Nujayfu, and a number of United bloc members. During the meeting, they discussed the situation in Anbar province and the care for the exceptional conditions of the displaced, reiterating the need to find global solutions within the plan designed for the resolution of all the situations and confirming the support for the Iraqi army in its fight against terrorism for it represents the prestige of the Iraqi State. Politically, there was assertion on the need to hold the elections on their due date scheduled within their constitutional process , while his Eminence called up the United list to take their seats again in the parliament and to pass the essential laws which are directly related to the citizens such as the unique retirement law and the passing of the public budget. Moreover, both parties praised the Council of Minister's decision to amend the budget by applying the 5-petro dollar for the oil-producing and refining provinces instead of the 1 dollar rate. They also urged the Council of Ministers to draw back its challenge filed with the federal court concerning the amended law 21 for the provincial councils and release the powers provided for in law so that the local governments can do their job properly to citizens. Besides, both sides considered the dialogue as the remedy for all the crises and problems and stressed the importance of adopting constructive national initiatives to create a national electoral environment away from political bidding and  miscarriage.