Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, praised the position of the great religious marjas who declared their opposition to the pensions of MPs and the special privileges granted by the new retirement law.
In a speech delivered during the 10th Annual Congress of the Iraqi Students' Islamic Gathering sponsored and held by his office on Saturday, February 8, 2014, under the slogan of the Iraqi students, his Eminence appreciated the awareness and progress of the religious marjas saying, "the religious marjas pleased us with their strict position on the retirement law" as they pleased the people they represent, speak on its behalf and advocate its rights.
As for the initiative made by his Eminence, "Our Resisting Anbar", which stirred a wave of comments and criticism, the head of the Supreme Council explained that we are witnessing today a practical literal application of this initiative over many stages, stressing that all the controversial points of the initiative are now being implemented.
Moreover, his Eminence called for dealing honestly with the others in order to reinforce the national unity, proceed with the state building project and take advantage of initiatives that help resolve the crises and the inconsistent processes to manage them.
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim also emphasized that the Iraqi youth's project will be definitely a success if it is a valuable national and ethical one and will be deeply established, and that such project will grow and endlessly bear fruits. Here he called on the state institutions and departments to take advantage of the youth's great capacities to develop and update the basic structure of such departments so as to achieve the purpose for which they are set up, hoping to currently exploit the youth's capacities so that they can receive the knowledge and assume their heavy responsibility as they are the hope for the future and the builders of the modern state.  
On the other hand, his Eminence maintained that what we currently need to take action is a well-defined vision, an autonomous power and a roadmap, calling at the same time to take initiatives and make analyses to come up with results that guide us towards the achievement of goals and ways of cooperation between us, as well as to work as one team and build bridges between the different components so as to ensure the participation of all of them in the state building.
As far as the services are concerned, he relaunched the motto of the Supreme Council, "a people we do not serve is a people we do not deserve to represent", hoping that we act efficiently in the next stage and work with modesty to make achievements for our people in the different domains, not to mention the building of a strong state, the product of a strong society composed of strong components, individuals, movements, tribes and clans, which would manage crises, programs and projects, not posts, opportunities and monopolies. He also remarked that the state system requires a strong team and united forces and a citizen state which needs to react politically and contain what is happening in the country. In a relevant context, his Eminence urged the youth to participate in great numbers in the election process to vote for the one who represent them, stressing his full support of the winner in the next elections.