Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, maintained that Iraq is one of the important Islamic awakening stops since it was among the first to enter this movement and managed to make its way through and restore its sovereignty, explaining that Iraq today plays a key role in fighting the takfiri and dark forces of Daesh and al Qaeda, among others, making every effort to build the just equation that reassures everybody, guarantees all parties’ interests and turns the religious, sectarian, ethnical, political and regional diversity to an enrichment factor and integrity within the Iraqi household, reiterating the importance of the next parliamentary elections which are an important opportunity for such orientation to be promoted and strengthened.
This came in a speech delivered during the world conference on the Islamic awakening held in Tehran on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 in the presence of intellectual and political figures from all over the world.  
Islamic Awakening and Presenting the Mature Model
His Eminence also indicated that the Islamic awakening in some countries has faced, and still is facing, a crisis related to the inexistence of a political vision towards the urgent internal and external affairs, the weakness in dealing with numerous thorny issues like nationalist affiliations, minorities, non-Muslim groups, the concept of partnership, tolerance of others, the definition of modernity and modernization, facing the media revolution, running periods of transition and instilling the concepts of democracy and institutionalization. Sayyid Al Hakim underlined that the Islamic awakening should be compelled to present a mature model, not necessarily a victorious model, explaining that victories could be temporary if not relying on a mature experience and developed practice. He stressed the need to work on making right certain disturbed readings of the reality so that the Islamic awakening does not turn into a setback taking Islamic communities to their previous circumstances. His Eminence warned, in the same time, against turning the Islamic awakening into a reason to exacerbate sectarian sensitivities, focus on differences and ignore the broad spaces of agreement. He added that obstinate positions will eventually lead to the loss of creativity as a major Islamic feature.

Administrative Revolution and Investment of Human Resources

His Eminence called the attendees to give special attention to adopting the concept of modern administrative revolution for the purpose of supporting and maturating the Islamic awakening. He highlighted that our Islamic communities have been difflicted with the lack of mastery and quality, and are hence far from the basic Islamic concepts such as the Prophet’s (PBUH) say: “Allah loves that if one does a job he perfects it”.  Sayyid Al Hakim called to invest in the huge human resources of the nation, and to refine their skills and give them enough space to be creative. He indicated that the West has not outdistanced us in knowledge but in its management of its knowledge and potentials, stressing the need to get out of the state of introversion, maturate institutional work, establish the team spirit and modernize the curricula, regulations, methods and mechanisms.