The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, called on everyone to refine their electoral methods and to be greater than the moment they are living, warning against opening the door of the political defamation because once it is opened it cannot be closed. He said no one is incapable of resorting to self-defense or lacks the means of self-defense, maintaining that the Martyr of the Niche movement does not consider itself in a confrontation with anybody and will not engage in any, warning that our patience has limits and we will surprise anyone who dares to cross the red lines.
This came during the weekly cultural forum held at this eminence’s office in Baghdad on Wednesday, March 12, 2014. His eminence reiterated that the Supreme Council and the Martyr of the Niche movement support unity, but from a position of strength and mutual respect, praying to God to allow a room of wisdom in the minds of everybody and that no one resorts to or relies on the political defamation. He insisted that there will a decisive, strong response against the party who resorts to defamation and fabricate false portfolios against political figures and such response will be surprising to everyone.
His eminence warned against becoming a victim of electoral hysteria and cheap political defamation, whereas everything we do, idea we have or means we possess become electoral regardless of their morality or legitimacy, thus forgetting the rules of political work and moral commitments among partners. In his opinion, the public is provoked when a rumor is circulated, a fabricated issue is raised or when there is an attempt to defame a political figure by promoting fabricated and provocative attitudes, especially when such figure is of high religious and social prominence, wondering what example we are giving to our people when we defame each other today and kiss each other tomorrow.