The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, called to keep the Iraqi judiciary away from side political interferences, influences and battles, considering that the judiciary is the last line of last defense line to protect the State and its institutions, the people and its achievements. If this line is breached, all the other elements are prone to a quick collapse and the State will be on a knife-edge. His eminence indicated that the judiciary is the pathway to achieve justice, therefore, conscious peoples seek to establish their constitutional systems on the basis of separation of powers and the independence of the judiciary.  He also stressed the importance of a fair, powerful and independent justice system in a democratic State, for the foundation of democracy and democratic rule is justice and equality among citizens, and the essential way to ensure justice in democratic regimes is the existence of an upright, fair and independent judiciary.  His eminence recalled Iraq’s suffering throughout its long history of judiciary politicization, stating that everyone should assume the historical responsibility of preserving the Iraqi judiciary. Sayyid Al Hakim prayed God to keep the judiciary in Iraq from dangerous twists and not to expose it to decisive experiences. He also called on the justice sector in Iraq to have self-confidence, to be aware of its duties and know that everyone is on its side and defend it just like it defends them and their legitimate rights.  His eminence expressed his gratitude to all the honorable judges who stand up for the truth, defend the country and citizens, persevere and endure harm and various threats. He insisted on not turning elections into political defamation leading eventually into the phase of “bone breaking” which cannot be treated, explaining that the internal and regional circumstances are illogical, which means that they should be confronted with exceptional preparations. Sayyid Al Hakim considered that the coming elections are decisive amidst the inconvenient circumstances, mainly the intertwining of many crises, the loss of trust in the political process and the emergence of terrorism as a pressing factor. His eminence also warned against the signs of new emerging crises in the region and the world, like is the case of Ukraine.  
This came during the cultural forum held on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at his eminence’s office in Baghdad.
The Martyr of the Niche Movement Has a Clear and Explicit Project of Building a Modern and Just State
His eminence explained that, in light of the great struggle among blocs, we find that many have forgotten, or pretended to have forgotten, the reason why they came to work in public service through the political practice and have forgotten, or pretended to have forgotten, their legal, ethical and human responsibility in addressing the country’s and citizens’ priorities and their commitment towards the present and the future. Sayyid Al Hakim assured that the Martyr of the Niche Movement has a clear and explicit project of building a modern, just and powerful State, a free, generous and conscious people and a country that embraces its sons with pride and dignity. He maintained that this project supports the aggrieved and punishes the tyrants, clarifying that the project aims to build a conscious nation by building a powerful State, which is a major human project through building a self-confident human proud of his religion, country, values and history. His Eminence added: “This is our project for which we’ve sacrificed everything and presented lots of martyrs. This is the project for which blood was shed and people we incarcerated behind bars. How can we be so occupied with details to the point that we pretend to have forgotten the project and how we’ve gotten where we are”. He underlined that the supporters of the projects will certainly be targeted because the wind blows at the top of mountains. Those who support such a big project should be as big as their project and should be on the top. His eminence considered that problems and difficulties are the price we pay for believing in, defending and protecting the project, highlighting the Movement’s attachment to its project of building the State, protecting the nation and serving the country and citizens, “because we don’t see ourselves anywhere in an equation where the project is not the foundation and where the service of the people is not the main goal and top priority.
The Democratic Elections Are not an Occasion for Political and Ethical Defamation
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq called on everyone to have exceptional preparations, including dealing with high degree of self-control with the electoral campaigns so that the democratic elections do not become an occasion for political and ethical defamation, which engage us in a fierce battle with no solution, warning against escalated attacks by the terrorists in order to hinder the elections because they know that every election is a new assertion of the legitimacy of the State and the political process which they oppose, and no wonder that they will strongly target the elections and more terrorist acts and crimes are foreseen. His Eminence expected a security deterioration at the regional level amidst new developments in the Syrian situation or the repercussions of the situation in Russian and the Ukrainian crisis on the Syrian situation or the regional situation as a whole and the return of the cold war time, considering the next elections as the most important, greatest and direct event which come after a decade of global change and such elections are an opportunity to a change for the best that shape the future especially for the next ten years.   
The Universities Are the Gauge of the Democratic Freedoms
His Eminence said unfortunately, there are information about some practices in the universities that are tightening the screws on the political intellectual freedoms in a country which is supposed to be democratic, considering the universities as the gauge of the democratic freedoms, and if it happens so, then the political freedoms are at the edge, noting that the free, rising peoples set out depending on the products of their universities and the ideas, research and experiences circulated in these universities, and no country can rise with its universities restrained with personal and moody taboos away from the democratic practices. Here he called for correcting the procedures forbidding the students of a political science college from exchanging the political research, warning the professors and deans who waive the professional standards that the universities are the future of this country and are the effective, influential tool of change for the best and that any oppression of the political and intellectual freedoms of students is a violation of the constitutional values governing this country and the democratic values which we seek to promote in our society and new Iraq, and to with we must comply under any circumstance.   
Halabja Massacre Is the most Flagrant Act of Killing by a State President of his People through Genocide
His Eminence recalled Halabja tragedy on March 16, 1988 where the dictator bombarded Halabja with chemical weapons, killing thousands of innocent people, wondering about the importance given to Halabja massacre while the dictator filled Iraq with miseries and no part of this country or a component of the people was spared of his crimes and the mass graves are an example of the criminal and bloody nature of the dictator and his oppressive organs. He also considered Halabja massacre as the most flagrant act of killing by a state president of his people through genocide with prohibited chemical, not ordinary weapons, stating that the chemical weapons affect even those at a distance from the bombardment and fighting since they kill the children sleeping in the arms of their mother and the families dwelling in peace in their homes and their fatal poisonous smoke spreads in the air to kill both men and animals, as well as children, older persons, men, women, armed and armless people. Moreover, he said this is a human genocide perpetrated by a state president against his people, explaining that the dictator can justify the killing of his opponents and claim they were armed and resisted his rile, he can deny the mass graves and claim he has nothing to do with it and that they are exaggerated, but he cannot justify the elimination of an entire city and its bombardment with chemical weapons, stressing saying the crimes of the dictator will remain bleeding wounds in the memory of Iraq and Iraqis.