Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, reiterated that the relation between the central government and the provinces is one of the most pillars of the nation building process, showing that it is impossible to build Basra while Iraq is undergoing divisions and crises. To him, there has to be an integrated, proportional relation between the central government and the provinces, not a relation of custodianship and hegemony, for the power of the state stems from the power of its institutions, provinces, economy, security, fair and independent judiciary and parliament. His Eminence said the problems may only be solved through a parliament with a well-defined plan of the laws to be passed, and the ministries marred with corruption, favoritism, mismanagement and bureaucracy need a wise government, competent men and a well-defined, reformative plan of action, considering the elections and the conscious and wide participation the religious marja called for as the road to a wise government. He also called everyone to assume their responsibility and to conform to the call of the country, Basra and the future by taking a critical position, stressing the need to do justice and deal cautiously with the circumstances Iraq is going through. On the other hand, he considered today's choice as the one which will determine the fate of the next generations, calling for pondering the project and goals for which the people has given many martyrs, children have become orphans and women have lost their husbands, considering the elections as a life decision, not a mere step in the political process. Moreover, he urged the citizens of Basra to participate in large numbers and give their votes to those who deserve them, asserting that the candidates of the Citizen's Coalition vowed to waive and reject any unfair privileges allocated to the representatives and other senior officials as well as to amend the laws that have created a great disparity between the official's privileges and the citizens' rights.
This came during a crowded public gathering for the Citizen's Coalition in the province of Basra on Saturday, 12/4/2014.  
The Candidates of the Citizen's Coalition Will Be Periodically Evaluated
His Eminence reiterated that it is Basra that must succeed in the first place, regardless who wins the elections. According to him what is important today is that Iraq wins when Basra wins, for prosperity starts from Basra which is the basis for Iraq to stand up again. His Eminence said the Citizen's Coalition will go hand in hand with whoever believes in a strong, prosperous and rising Iraq, underlining the need to fight terrorism fiercely, eradicate sectarianism and increase the competence of the armed forces. He also noted that Iraqis will vanquish the evil though because they call for the light while they call for darkness, explaining that the Citizen's Coalition will work on supporting the provinces in the council of representatives and on enacting laws that serve the citizens and give them back their rights. In addition, he said the Martyr of the Niche movement has a project in mind and will never give it up and will assume its responsibility, and the "the Citizen Wins" motto is based on the belief that the citizens are the most precious assets and when they win, the country will win too. The Martyr of the Niche movement is with Basra and will remain loyal to it because it lives in the hearts of its citizens and is the crown of the south, stressing the need to turn the platform of the Citizen's Coalition into reality since it is the fruit of diligent efforts made to make it global and integrated so that it brings solutions to the citizens' problems such as providing services, improving the standard of living, reforming and developing all sectors so as to serve the modern, fair state which serves its citizens, meets their needs and secures their wellbeing. Here, he asserted that the candidates must be active and follow up the concerns of their voters and that the representatives and ministers of the Citizen's Coalition will be evaluated on a periodical basis, not only every four years. He explained that the periodical evaluation means that we will evaluate, adjust, admonish, punish and exclude those who lack the sense of responsibility and we will take action against the negligence or failure of our men, showing that the Marty of the Niche movement will stand by his men if they are well committed and do it the right way and will protect and defend them; otherwise, they must make way for others because the country is not a test field, recommending the citizens of Basra to draw with their magic hands the new future of their country because as they fulfilled their promises today to Basra, they will do it tomorrow to it and also to Iraq.
When Basra Takes a Stance, It Is Echoed by the Mountains of Kurdistan and the Desert of Anbar
His eminence stated that lessons can be learned from the province of Basra; the last lesson being how unity can be the foundation of power and how will can be the key to victory, indicating that Basra has taught us that when brothers unite, they are able to change equations that when the citizens of Basra decide to take a stance, other must listen. His eminence assured that when Basra takes a “stance”, it is echoed by the mountains of Kurdistan, the desert of Anbar, the streets of Baghdad and by all the Iraqi cities, underlining that it is now time for Basra to take its decisive stance just like when the citizens of Basra took a stance in the provincial council elections and announced the establishment of their “Basra First” coalition. Today, they will take a stance, he added, and will be pioneers in pushing Iraq forward and forming a team that defends Basra in the Iraqi parliament, for if Basra is revived, Iraqi will be revived; if Basra is united, Iraq will be united; if Basra takes a stance, Iraq will take a stance. Sayyid Al Hakim stressed that the soundness of Iraq is linked to correct position of Basra, as it is the source of goodness and the place where justice is made for the oppressed; from Basra, cities prosper, and from Basra, the south announces its joyful ceremony. His eminence called on everyone to work on giving Basra an efficient presence and echoing voice in the coming Iraqi parliament, and to seek
Break all the restrictions that are cuffing Basra and its projects so we can support Basra’s causes and push forward its blocked projects.  
Rights Must be Seized, Including the Project of “Basra, the Economic Capital of Iraq”
His eminence indicated that the first of these projects is that of “Basra, the Economic Capital of Iraq” which is still in the drawers of government offices, stressing the need to seize the right for they will remain blocked if no one demands them and works on achieving. He called for the birth of a new parliament and for a new era where corruption is eradicated and where there is no more violation of rights, favoritism, improvisation, ignorance and lack of planning, saying to members of the Martyr of the Niche, with the yellow scarf, that they will stay proud with their heads up high. He extended his condolences to them for the death of the loyal and perseverant field leader who did not know the meaning of rest, who was never tired of performing his weighty tasks, who worked say and night for the service of the project. His eminence added “He is my brother and my loyal friend, the patient struggler, Mr. Nabil Al Baldawi, May Allah have mercy upon him”, considering his loss as a great loss for the Supreme Council, for the Martyr of the Niche movement and for our beloved country. He addressed the deceased saying “The eyes are shedding tears and the heart is grieved, and we will not say except what pleases our Lord, O Nabil! Indeed we are grieved by your separation."
His eminence insisted on triumphing for his pure blood by intensifying the efforts for building a modern and fair State, the State that Hajj Al Baldawi was willing to achieve with his loyal brothers, up until the moment he moved to the Higher Kingdom, congratulating the deceased for winning Paradise and the Martyr of the Niche and Iraq for the presence of such unique and devoted men. Sayyid Al Hakim maintained that the Citizen’s Coalition should serve and take care of the citizens, whether his eminence was alive or dead, affirming the serving the citizens is shortest way to please the Almighty and repeating the slogan “We do not deserve to represent a people that we do not serve”. His eminence highlighted that the Martyr of the Niche movement is still learning from the Iraqi people, developing its tools, modifying its plans and scrutinizing is options. He added that citizens will achieve victory because Allah is always with the honest people, that goodness is always embodied in good people and that peoples are destined to triumph; therefore, the citizens will achieve victory. His eminence underlined the importance of participating in the elections and forming a strong and homogeneous team that works under a unified vision, with one spirit and for one goal, explaining that Iraq needs a strong team, not a strong man, for a strong team reinforces unity and cohesion, instills trust and hope in the future and achieves reconstruction and prosperity. The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq maintained that through the team spirit, we will move forward towards zeroing the crises, drawing the national red lines we are not allowed to trespass and prevent the use of crises and political disputes as an opportunity to sabotage the country’s unity, social security and coexistence. He added that the team spirit, the clear vision and comprehensive solutions that we present today will address the security failures and will help ups to develop plans, improve the performance, restore security and stability and achieve great victories for our beloved country. His eminence finally expressed his great confidence in the courageous Iraqis members of the armed forces and in their great capacities but we have to succeed in directing and developing them in the right direction.