The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, stressed Iraq’s need for a parliament that is not dominated by biddings, affiliation to blocs and parties and narrow interest, but an active parliament able to hold accountable all persons at fault, to ask about wasted rights, to restore the rights of the people and recover its own prestige. His eminence insisted on the importance of electing a parliament that controls officials rather than justifying his corruption and mistakes, explaining that the decision of selecting the members of parliament is not just about choosing a man or a woman, but about choosing people who will defend the people’s rights in the council of representatives. His eminence added that any project that serves the citizens of Maysan and their future must go through the council of representatives, giving as an example the initiative aiming at rehabilitation the province of Maysan, highlighting that Maysan does not need any grant, donation or charity but needs an integrated rehabilitation project that uses its resources and land to ensure its development and reconstruction. His eminence wondered about the fate of this initiative and why it wasn’t ratified although it requested the allocation of 15% of Maysan’s oil production revenues, remining that the province suffers from mines that have filled its lands and led to the destruction of large spaces, and from neglect, wars and destruction; Maysan’s moral existence was targeted because of its highness and position against dictatorship. Sayyid Al Hakim expressed his regret for not compensating Maysan even though it has offered a lot, assuring that the members of the Martyr of the Niche movement and the Citizen’s Coalition pledge to Allah and to the citizens of Maysan that they will participate in a government which possesses a clear project, a mature vision and defined goals and that they will join forces with their voters to move forward, with a new vision and a well-studied plan, to “zero” the crises and replace emotionalism with reason. His eminence indicated that the Iraqi people has many experiences and a lot of maturity and awareness; therefore, it will not be influenced by void promises and false vows.
This came during the crowded public gathering held for the Citizen's Coalition 273 in the province of Maysan on Sunday, 13/4/2014.  
The Program of the Citizen’s Coalition is a Comprehensive Vision of the Required Solutions
His eminence pointed out that the Citizen’s Coalition is presenting an integrated project to develop the south through developing the provinces of Basra, Dhi Qar and Maysan, describing its initiatives to develop the south as intertwined and integrated. His eminence explained: In Basra, we announced the project of “Basra, the economic capital of Iraq”, in Dhi Qar, we launched the project of “Dhi Qar, the gate to the south, and in Maysan, we launched the project of rehabilitation of Mayssan”. Sayyid Al Hakim considered that these projects can generate a quantum leap in the south, affirming that Iraq’s development is achieved through the development of the south, adding that these projects were however fought, blocked and stopped for particular reasons for fear of being considered in the interests of a specific party, because it serves citizens of the south, improves their living standard and gives them back their resources. His eminence addressed the people of Maysan saying: You have a vital role today, which is to elect a parliament that represents you, defends your project and provinces, gives you back your resources and gives more attention to you, your rights and the rights of the deprived than the attention given to the salaries of deputies, ministers, heads and officials with special ranks, a parliament that discusses and adopts initiatives and projects. Sayyid Al Hakim described the program of the Citizen’s coalition as integrated and carrying a comprehensive vision of the required solutions to address the country’s crises, serve the citizens, develop the State and consolidate the nation. His eminence underlined that the citizen’s coalition will work with the partners to implement this program. He stated: “We will fight terrorism through efficient planning, appropriate armament and good intelligence. We will crush terrorism, behead division and defeat takfiris and evil. We will not allow anyone to insult the Iraq of Hussein as long as we are alive, assuring that victory is achieved through good planning, right preparation, true leadership, strong will and men known to you and to the lake and the papyrus.
Let's Prove to the World that Iraqis Can Build the Fair, Modern State
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq said the Citizen's Coalition believes in the "a people we don't serve is a people we don't deserve to represent" motto and it is something it will never bargain, for those who don't serve this patient people don't deserve to represent it or act on its behalf, calling Maysan citizens to chose the candidate who serves them so that they give him the honor to represent them and Iraq. He noted that Iraq is fertile and generous and its women can give birth to leaders who can take initiatives and offer the best, asking: where are the sons of Iraq and those of the South? Where are the zealots? In order to prove to everyone that we have leaders and we can assume our responsibilities and introduce to our people the competent, capable and honest substitute. His Eminence pointed out to the need to present a perfectly made project that proves to the world that the Iraqis can build the fair, modern capable state we always dreamed of, fought for, and for which we gave many martyrs to raise its banner, describing the fair, modern state as that where the central government respects the provinces without controlling them and is well aware of the limits between the centre and the region of Kurdistan where the centre does not strangle the region and provinces, and nor do the later spread up at the expense of the centre. Moreover, he maintained that the project of the fair, modern state is about building the institutions not compromising them, guaranteeing the independency of the judiciary, eliminating the improvisation, choosing the competent men, putting in place the strategic plans and upgrading the status of the citizens and serving them, showing that it is a capable state and capability means, among others, the preparedness, the training, and the competent security leadership which eradicates terrorism and protects our citizens and cities, and the security capability means to safeguard the prestige of the state and do away with the takfiri thought which exports to us the suicides and the human and sectarian crimes.       
To Win for the Sake of the Citizen Is a National Duty
His Eminence explained that the "citizen wins" motto is based on the belief in the human being as the beginning of the victory for everything is worthless beyond the human being, saying winning for the sake of the citizens is a legal responsibility and duty because it is something essential. He also considered that the decent living, the good dwelling and the abundant means of livelihood as the first aspect of victory for the citizens. Moreover, he said to the sons of Maysan that Iraq elects you and its people calls upon you, urging for answering the call, raising the banners of victory, walking with steady steps towards a prosperous Iraqi future and taking pride, explaining that the Citizen's Coalition is a right's owner and his men will defend Iraq and can work for change and reform. Here he reminded that the Martyr of the Niche turns its words into action, fulfill its promises and takes charge of Iraq and the South is the beat of their hearts, urging Maysan citizens to show their generosity to Iraq through their stance, zeal and support. He confirmed that the history will always remember such stance and the future will record it, making clear that the members of the Martyr of the Niche movement will stand by their words, defend the right and work for the change.
The Martyr of the Niche Movement Will not Allow Iraq to Be Compromised or Marginalized
His Eminence reiterated that the members of the Martyr of the Niche will not allow Iraq to be compromised or marginalized because they abide by their doctrine and they are the zealous sons of Iraq and the sons of the South and of the marja, and will not allow for terrorism, corruption, confusion and improvisation to destroy their country or humiliates their state, stressing that what Iraq needs is a state that rejects corruption, fights deviation and eradicates terrorism. On the other hands, he depicted Maysan as the source of authenticity, the symbol of loyalty, and the place where the sound of homesickness rings through the highest mountains of Kurdistan, reaches the churches of Mosul and is echoed by the minarets of the cities in the West, Baghdad and the Middle Euphrates. To him, it is a blessed land that resists injustice and in its extended lagoons, the will of the dictator was subjugated, and Maysan has its name linked to the history and was indeed the province of honor and pride, representing the diversity, the civilization and the armor of the marja, the religion and the doctrine and being the real holder of the banner of the revolution and of the state. He added that thanks to its demographical and tribal weight, it extends to Baghdad, Basra, Najaf, Karbala and the other Iraqi provinces thus becoming influential all over the beloved home.