Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim stressed the need to form a strong and homogeneous team with a unified vision, explaining that the Citizen’s Coalition will be active in the coming parliament and will work with the representatives chosen by the people. His eminence underlined that there are no preformed alliances before the people takes a stance, pointing out that the Citizen’s Coalition will seek to turn the national alliance into a strong and active institution. His eminence also highlighted the importance of not having one person taking over the ruling in Iraq, as there should be no exclusive control, no marginalization for a certain component, no monopolization of decisions, reminding that it takes two hands to clap and only goodness can result from union. Sayyid Al Hakim assured that this is the Martyr of Niche’s political project and vision for a stable and prosperous Iraq, reconciled with itself and for a government that serves its people, stressing Iraq’s need for a clear-cut project to build the State, a project that develops its goals and mechanisms based on the need to serve citizens, for serving citizens means building a developed and powerful State of institutions. His eminence called to initiate reconstruction in the provinces, to eradicate poverty and unemployment, and to consider that officials are at the service of the people and in charge of achieving their interests. The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq indicated that the Citizen’s Coalition will work on providing the legal tools to reclaim the lands, establishing primary and secondary drains, transferring ownership to holders of temporary contracts as per the law No. 117 of 1970 and cancelling the unjust exception imposed on the province of Dhi Qar and Maysan. His eminence added that Iraq needs a comprehensive program and an integrated plan in all political, administrative, economic, security, social and cultural fields, maintaining that the Citizen’s Coalition is proud to provide to the Iraqi people a clear platform to address the crises of the country and develop it, based on a specialized scientific vision that represents a road map towards the future. His eminence reiterated that Iraq needs to adopt the “zero problems” policy and needs parliamentarians who think of their people not just of their political blocs or personal and partisan interests.
This came during the crowded public festival held by the Citizen’s Coalition 273 in the province of Dhi Qar on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.
The Importance of Having a Clear Relationship Between the Center on One Hand and the Region and Province on the Other Hand
His eminence called upon officials to care about the concerns of citizens more than caring about their ephemeral seats and offices, indicating that the Martyr of the Niche movement and the Citizen’s Coalition believe in dialogue with partners. His eminence explained that powerful parties are those who put dialogue before violence and conflict and confident parties are those who embrace their partners and cooperate with them to solve the country’s crises. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim pointed out that the people is waiting for solutions to the country’s problems, insisting on fighting terrorism fiercely to eradicate sectarianism wherever it is and whenever it wakes up. His eminence clarified that fighting terrorism requires planning, preparation, modern equipment, a smart security plan, professional officers, security forces with high morals and a developed intelligence apparatus, indicating that Iraq’s battle against terrorism is long and that the sources of terrorism are many. To defeat terrorism, we must be well prepared, he added, our courageous security forces should maintain a high level of readiness. His eminence called to engage everyone in the war on terrorism to dry up its sources, insisting on not tolerating any phenomenon that threatens Iraq and endangers its fate, unity and achievements like the constitution and democracy after the topple of dictatorship. His eminence added “We will work with the strong homogeneous team on taking common decisions to end the crises between the center on one hand and the region and provinces on the other hand. There should be no excessiveness or carelessness”, stressing that the relationship between the center, the regions and provinces should me clear and defined in the constitution; priority should not be given to a region or provinces at the expense of Iraq’s unity, and no center should monopolize decisions and marginalize the parties. He added that what is a right should be granted and what is a violation of rights should be forbidden; no secret deals or agreements shall be made behind closed doors. His eminence pointed out “It is not important who is ahead or behind in elections. What is important is that you choose the best so you can move to a better situation, that you can make the change with your own hands and will, so that no one could say that women are unable to give birth to the best of men. We are born out of the womb of sacrifice. Whenever a knight of ours is down, a thousand other knights are born”, affirming that rights are often not granted but rather taken by force.
"Dhi Qar, the Cradle of Civilizations and the Gate of the South" Is Part of the South Development
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq said thanks to the Iraqi votes, the Citizen's Coalition will form a strong parliament that passes the required laws for the development of the country as well as a powerful, cooperative government that can lead a global administrative revolution that would fight corruption, negligence and routine and establish a development strategy in all areas, calling on the representatives of Dhi Qar to support Iraq and Di Qar as well and reminding them of the initiative launched by the Citizen's Coalition prior to the provincial council elections "Dhi Qar, the cradle of civilizations and the gate of the South". He added that Dhi Qar is indeed the gate of the South and the source of riches, feeling sorry because this initiative has not seen the light, and according to him, it won't until it is adopted by the council of representatives who would also embrace the rights it contains. In parallel, he described the initiative as part of the plan of the development of the South and of Iraq in general for the development of the South is a prerequisite for the development of Iraq, and complementary to "Basra, the economic capital of Iraq" project. Moreover, he explained that the Citizen's Coalition is moving within a future strategic plan and we know very well what provinces need and what Iraq needs, noting that in order to be set in motion, the plans requires the support of the voters through the men and women they run for the parliament and who represent the citizens of Dhi Qar, defend its rights and protect its future. He said what Dhi Qar needs is a major step which needs votes and a decision to be taken at the parliament and it is you who would take this decision, showing that the elections are not only about choosing the members of the parliament but also choosing the decisions that will be taken in favor of our provinces, services, projects and the future of our country.      
The Citizen's Coalition Will Work Hard and with Determination so that Dhi Qar Citizens Win
His Eminence said the Coalition upheld the "Citizen Wins" slogan because he believes that victory lies in securing the rights of the citizens and their victory is that of the country, showing that the Coalition will work hard and with determination so that the citizen wins in Dhi Qar, so that Dhi Qar wins over corruption, nepotism, deprivation and randomness and finds its real position to which we all seek to reach and so that the project of a unified Iraq and of the global administrative revolution triumphs as well as that of eradicating terrorism. In addition, he maintained that the victory of the citizens is that of " Dhi Qar, the cradle of civilizations and the gate of the South" initiative, addressing to Dhi Qar citizens, "your decision today is a decision for a better tomorrow and your decision today is a decision for your future and that of your children for the next stage". He also pointed that the country may not be built with wishes, but with the decisions its heroic men and resisting women take and it is now the right time to take the decision so that we build the Iraq of Ali and Hussein, the Iraq of all the marginalized and disadvantaged. He added that upholding the banner of Hussein is a great responsibility, for Hussein wins when those who hold the name of Hussein win. Here, he underlined the need to make the right choice because the history does not tolerate those who do not fulfill their duties and the next generations will punish those who abuse the confidence, confirming the commitment of the Martyr of the Niche movement not to abuse this confidence but to defend the project and assume the choice's responsibility. According to him, it is the responsibility of a country and the confidence of a people and they will not flatter or treat tolerantly those who neglect such responsibility or abuse the confidence. His Eminence said the Citizen's Coalition has a project in mind and does not go after power, yet it will achieve its project with patience and determination and will not let its citizens down, maintaining that Iraq needs more responsibility than officials and the Citizen's Coalition believes that the real power is that which goes from the citizens to the citizens and from the people to the people. He thinks that Iraq is calling Dhi Qar citizens, addressing to the youth "the future is calling you, don’t fail to meet the call of your future. Take part in it, be actors not watchers. You, youth of Iraq and youth of Dhi Qar, are the hope; you are the men and the women of the future. Iraq is counting on you to save it. Raise your voice and let your choice be decisive in ballots. Thanks to you, we achieve our ambitions for a fair, capable modern state the whole world would respect and of which our people would be proud."     
Dhi Qar, the Sacrifice, the Jihad and the Lagoons
His Eminence recalled the history of Dhi Qar and the relation with it since it is a relation of sacrifice, Jihad and lagoons, and Dhi Qar men were always at the forefront, because they are brave and intrepid and the first to sacrifice themselves. He said now is the time for Dhi Qar to revolt against its reality and advance with momentum towards the future awaiting it, reminding Dhi Qar citizens of the recommendation of the religious marja, "your marja recommended you to take good care of your fellows, Iraq and the doctrine, and it entrusted you with this mission, so don't betray that trust, your are worth of it. Do not save any vote for Iraq, or support for the faith, or attitude for the marja. Prove to the whole world that you are the sons and followers of Ali where you rise up with the right and the right rises up with you.