The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, highlighted that Al Muthanna province is rich with its resources, men and capacities and that its biggest injustice is the little defenders it has, mentioning the little number of people defending the province in the Iraqi parliament. His eminence described as wrongful anyone who believes that Al Muthanna is poor, attributing its deterioration to mismanagement and poor planning. He added that it is the second largest province, it has the largest area of arable lands in Iraq, with Euphrates making its way through its center and mineral resources in its land. His eminence expressed his regret for the small budget Al Muthanna possesses and the high unemployment rate among the youth, considering Al Muthanna the start of a real agricultural and touristic project, which are the two main aspects for any future budget. Sayyid Al Hakim pointed out that the concept of the rentier state that depends highly on oil in its budget has long ended around the world, stressing that Iraq needs a budget where bigger allocations are made to agricultural, industrial, touristic and investment resources. His eminence called to think of ways, methods, mechanisms and laws that grant welfare to people without any restriction to a single economic sector, assuring that sustainable development in Iraq requires the advancement of all its cities in all fields. He called the citizens of Al Muthanna to participate in the coming elections and be certain about who they’re electing, for their city deserves to be represented by honest and good people who have a project, explaining that the Citizen’s Coalition will seek to end the injustice that the province is subject to.
This came during the crowded public festival held for the Citizen’s Coalition 273 in Al Muthanna province on Wednesday, April 16, 2014.
Al Muthanna Needs a Clear Vision Not Charity or Visionary Nomination Degrees
Sayyid Al Hakim highlighted Iraq’s need for a clear and mature project able to move the country forward, stressing that Iraq does not need mottos. His eminence indicated that Al Muthanna does not need charity, donations, or visionary nomination degrees, but need to obtain its rights and be represented in parliament by people who defend these rights, people who say they are citizens of Samawah, believe they represent Samawah in the Iraqi parliament, demand the rights of Samawah and fight to double Samawah’s budget and to ratify strategic projects for this honorable province and for all provinces. His eminence clarified that Al Muthanna needs a clear vision, planning and management, just like other provinces in the center and south, just like the entire Iraq. He added that this is what the new Iraq platform is about; the Citizen’s Coalition has made great efforts and formed many committees to write the platform and ensure it’s the people’s gate to the future. This is its project for the future, he added, “This is the road that we’ve decided to take with our people to obtain the world’s respect”. He reminded that countries are not built with wishes but with planning, effort, sacrifice and giving, underlining that this platform is a project to build a modern, fair and powerful State, a project to build the Iraq that all its citizens dream of.
"Development of Muthanna Expanses " Initiative Is Neglected and Countered by the Shutdown of the Muthanna Refinery  
His Eminence called for an Iraq where national unity and sharing prevail and which would be run by a skillful, consistent team with one vision and that is well aware of the needs of the country and the services it must offer to its citizens. According to him, the Citizen's Coalition members know very well what Iraq needs and Muthanna citizens know very well what Muthanna needs, and there is no wasted time, or fraud or misleading because Iraqis are now mature and so are their choices and decisions, reminding of the "Development of Muthanna Expanses" initiative. Here, he wondered what happened to this initiative and why it is neglected though it is likely to create 50,000 job opportunities and is a chance to make Muthanna the connecting link between the western and eastern borders of Iraq through the strategic highway which will revive all the province's cities, noting that the initiative took into consideration the oil reserve yet to be explored and the development of the small refinery in the province so as to reach a capacity of 200,000 barrels, and its connection with the "Basra, the Economic Capital of Iraq" project. He said this initiative was countered by the shutdown of the refinery and was defended neither by the Muthanna representatives at the parliament not by its local government.   
Iraq Needs the State of the Citizen not of the Official
His Eminence said now is the right time for Muthanna to make its words heard all over Iraq, to get out of the circle of neglect and be its own decision maker, and to elect those who really represent it at the Parliament and defend it as well as Iraq. According to him, Muthanna asks for an essential role in building the new Iraq which will have the fair, modern capable state, as it was one of the pillars of the modern Iraqi state, and this is what everyone dreams about: a state where they feel secured and the future of their children and the present of their youth are guaranteed, and which rejects corruption, injustice and deprivation. Moreover, his Eminence insisted on turning it into a capable state that can defend its citizens and Iraq, and eradicate sectarianism and terrorism and win over them, providing clean streets, developed cities, healthy hospitals and modern schools for its sons, not to mention an economy that serves the Iraqi citizens and makes them not suffer the humiliation of soliciting a nomination for a position. Thus he described such state as the state of the citizen not of the official and the state of honesty not of corruption, of competence not of nepotism, and of the shining future. He addressed to the Muthanna citizens and the Martyr of the Niche movement sons, "your brothers and sisters in the Citizen's Coalition have upheld the "Citizen Wins" slogan because we are sure that any victory is of no value beyond the victory of the citizens and the country is of no value if the citizens are humiliated". He also told them to meet the call of the country with their violet fingers, calling their attention to voting for the sake of Iraq so that it can take the decision which helps it go forward towards the future, describing Muthanna citizens as the best who can meet the call and their history proves it. He added that Muthanna citizens has a special place because they are the fruit of the South, the spirit of the Euphrates and the sons of hospitality, generosity and bravery, and their decision will shape the destiny of Iraq and the future of Muthanna, hoping that with its outcry, Muthanna can take off the dress of neglect and oblivion, and wins for itself, for Iraq and for the Samawi citizens.   
The Name of Muthanna Is Associated with the Modern Iraqi History
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq recalled the historical role of Muthanna and its heroic men such as Shaalan Abul Joon, and the happy martyr sheikh Mehdi Samawi, depicting it as the province of revolutions, uprisings and brave men and women. He explained that the name of Muthanna is associated with the modern Iraqi history, because there, the first spark of its rise took place. He also reminded that the province was the place from which the 1920 Iraqi Revolt started; in the chests of its men, the bullets of the oppressive occupation settled and thanks to the bravery of its tribal sheikhs, the revolution continued and went wilder until the occupier surrendered and the Iraqi state was established, strongly believing that the men of the 1920 Iraqi Revolt will hold the torch of the change so that Muthanna and Iraq get what they deserve.