Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, said Iraq needs the help of Najaf because it is facing many challenges: its borders are porous; its wealth is poorly allocated; and its people is suffering, which is why it is soliciting Najaf so that the province fills it with hope. Therefore, his Eminence called on Najaf citizens to take the final decision which would put Iraq on the right track, reminding of the "Najaf, the Scientific Capital of Iraqi" project, which according to him, was unfortunately neglected though it claims the rights of the city of Imam Ali (AS) and the city of science and of scholars. He said it suffered from neglect as the "Najaf, the Cultural Capital" project did, wondering, "shouldn't we take the decision that restores its glimmer and its outstanding place among the cities? Don't Najaf citizens need an integral project in order for their province to be a jewel among the Iraqi provinces, marrying the intellectual and doctrinal weight and the architectural and economic prosperity. He added that the lack of an integral project for Najaf and Iraq blurs the vision and entails improvisation, saying the Najaf project proclaims the birth of the fair, modern capable state and includes the "Najaf, the Scientific Capital of Iraqi" project, the agricultural Najaf expanses project, the student university city and the construction of Zahed city and the Medical city of Najaf not to mention the South and the Centre project. According to him, for Iraq to advance, it needs to be freed from corruption and favoritism, and this platform puts us on the right way, that of Ali (AS). His Eminence also described the fair, modern state as the state of citizens not of officials; of honesty not of corruption and of institutions not of individuals, reiterating that thanks to God, the religious marja, the sacrifices of this aggrieved people, and its loyal political and social powers, Iraq could be prevented from falling apart.             
This came in a speech delivered by his Eminence on Friday, 18/4/2014 in the public ceremony held for Najaf province. His Eminence noted that it is up to Najaf citizens to take the right decision which will shape the future of Iraq and of Najaf in decisive moments and circumstances the history will record and for which the generations will punish, saying the Citizens' Coalition upraised the "Citizen Wins" slogan for it believes that the greatest victory is that of man and the countries win when men do. In his opinion, the citizens win over injustice, ignorance and egoism and achieve justice, spread knowledge and make sacrifices, and when men win, Imam Ali (AS) will win as well for he is the imam of humanity and his project is that of humanity. So, the citizens who live in proximity to Ali (AS) must be the best of men and change for the best. And when we build the fair, modern capable state and win over corruption, we spread the thought of Ali and promote his course. Moreover, his Eminence considered the "Citizen Wins" slogan as a course to which the Citizen's Coalition is committed and by which it will abide, not a mere motto. Here, he addressed to the citizens of Najaf saying, "don’t allow yourselves to be represented at the parliament by people who do not serve you, because Najaf deserves to be represented by honest people who can defend its rights and the city of Ali, the "advocate of rights", must have its rights acquired. Whoever represents you will reflect your prestige and principles, and defend your rights. So don't expect any gifts or donations from anyone. Go and get your rights yourselves because rights are taken, not granted". On the other hand, he thinks that the victory of the citizen is defeat for terrorism, head decapitators and those who incite for unrest. His Eminence said Iraqi needs the wisdom of Najaf as it needs its fairness, spirituality and reference, guidance and decision, reminding that in Najaf, the different opinions became united, the elections were acknowledged, the constitution was supported, the unity of Iraq was safeguarded, the civil peace was maintained, the bloodshed was stopped and the rights were guaranteed.