The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, assured that the Citizen’s Coalition is not an advocate of exclusion, adversity or revenge, but rather calls for solidarity, right, law, justice and prosperity, stressing that it works based on a vision and plan and that it seeks building and reconstruction. His eminence highlighted that nations are not built with wishes but with planning, work, sacrifice, giving, clear vision, homogeneous team and defined goals, indicating that the victory of citizens is the victory of humans; through their victory, rights are safeguarded, terrorism is eradicated, justice and equity prevail and brotherhood is reinforced.  
There is no value for any victory, he added, without the victory of citizens; no value for any construction when humans are broken. His eminence pointed out that the Citizen’s Coalition has presented a project to build a modern, fair and powerful State, and the “citizens win” motto is only an embodiment of this project and platform. He called on the citizens of Karbala to take a stance and assume their responsibility by participating in the elections to draw the country’s future, highlighting that through unity, the people will vanquish terrorism, purify Iraq from corruption and form a homogeneous team. His eminence affirmed that there should be no compliment nor carelessness for the rights of the country and the citizens, saying to citizens of Karbala “You must choose those who demand your right and present to you a clear platform and an ambitious work plan that suit the status, history and future of Karbala”. Sayyid Al Hakim reminded that the Citizen’s Coalition had launched in the last provincial council elections the project “Karbala, the pride of Iraq”, maintaining that the Coalition will prioritize this project in the coming phase, for Karbala is its big project.
He indicated that Iraq is facing great and decisive challenges and that the evil dark terrorism is seeking to terrorize the people, undermine its achievements and bring back the history of captivity of Zainab, calling on everyone to rise above instantaneous differences and to make unity their ultimate goal. His Eminence stressed the importance to safeguard and preserve the rights, saying "we will review but will not back down. We will evaluate, develop and correct, but we will not become careless nor dispersed. We will reevaluate but will not break up nor fight."
This came at the crowded public festival held by the Citizens’ Coalition in the holy city of Karbala, on Saturday, April 19, 2014.
The “Karbala, the Pride of Iraq” Project, an Action Plan Aiming at Developing Karbala 
His eminence mentioned the “Karbala, the pride of Iraq” project, which consists in allocating 1% of the Iraqi budget to support and develop the province’s infrastructure, considering the project an action plan to advance Karbala and insisting on the Citizens’ Coalition commitment to the project and to achieve it through the parliament and government. His eminence called to speed up the establishment of Imam Hussain international airport in Karbala, to combat desertification and plant diseases, to take care of the palm trees and agricultural situation in the province as stated in the “Karbala, the pride of Iraq” project, stating that the free Karbala does not ask for any alms, gift or generosity, rather it claims its rights because it attracts millions of visitors annually to Iraq, and thus it deserves to be allocated this percentage of the budget of Iraq, which is insignificant comparing to its great role in the present and the future of Iraq. Therefore, he urged Karbala citizens to vote for those who are worthy of representing the Karbala of Hussein at the next parliament, reiterating that Karbala must be represented only by those who have a project to build Iraq and Karbala. According to him, Iraq needs people who have the will of Hussein, the bravery of Al Abbass, the patience of Zaynab and the insight of the companions in order to offer all what they have to their fellows and country, while only claiming for themselves in return the good reputation and the honorable history.
Karbala Needs Large Budgets because It Is the Biggest City in terms of the Number of Citizens
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq said Karbala expects that we make it the city of the cities with an integral project, a clear vision and well-defined goals, explaining that it needs a special care that takes its conditions and special situation into consideration and a budget irrelevant of its population since it is the biggest city in terms of the number of visitors where millions of lovers of freedom and of the father of the free people come all year around to visit it. On the other hand, his Eminence noted that Karbala belongs to the entire Islamic world, not only to Iraqis, and that's why its budget must be twice as big, and its citizens must be supported with special means and large budgets must be used to build its infrastructures. Here, he said it is too bad that the perspectives put forward by the Citizen's Coalition were neglected for no one claimed the right of Karbala, and the Citizen's Coalition members are proud to be Husseinis as long as they live and to have as a project that of "Karbala, the pride of Iraq".
The Husseinis Are Honest, Successful and Committed to their People
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim said to speak from the land of Karbala is something unique because from here, the project and the cause started and on this land, the cause was shaped, saying it is an honor to live in the homeland of Hussein (AS) and this is such a big responsibility because the Husseinis are honest, successful and committed to their people and must rise up to such title and represent it. He said the people has been suffering and want to see the results of its sacrifices which positively affect its life so that it can move on, stressing the commitment to the project of the state and of the institution building for which thousands of martyrs were offered, the strengthening of the national front to guarantee the rights of the disadvantaged and the oppressed and the promotion of the national unity by unifying the visions on the project and the platform, explaining that the building of the state needs concerted efforts, united brothers and single vision, plans and goals.