The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, assured that there aren’t many options in the coming phase, calling on everyone to work on building a modern, fair and powerful State that defends the people and cater for their needs. His eminence highlighted that Iraq will not go backwards as it only has success in front of it; there is no place for tergiversation, vindication or accusations of disloyalty among us. He pointed out that the choice and approach of the citizen’s coalition is coexistence, solidarity, development and putting the right man in the right place, indicating that the nation deserves sacrifice and deserves making the right decision and the right choice so that the citizens and the country win, sectarianism and death are defeated, corruption is eradicated, integrity and dignity are ensured and the culture of life triumphs. His eminence assured that “from the Babil of history and national unity, we will announce victory and declare the birth of the new Iraq”, stressing the need to rectify the path, achieve the vision, launch the project and prove to the world that Iraqis today, like their ancestors throughout history, have a civilization, have wisdom, an opinion and a will, and that they might fallback but they never deviate from the right way or lag behind development; they will not accept to stay behind other peoples. His eminence reminded that Iraqis have paid a heavy price to obtain freedom and govern themselves, calling on Iraqis to reveal their decision and their choice and to achieve victory for the country in the coming elections. Sayyid Al Hakim pointed out that the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for freedom look upon the people of Babil to take a stance from the dark terrorism and to reassure them that they will not allow the obstruction of their project. He added that children envision their future through the magic hands of the people of Babil, calling on the youngsters to get to work and express their critical decision through the ballots, to give their trust to those who deserve it. His eminence underlined the importance of advancing the wounded Babil and healing its wounds, indicating that Babil today revolts with its Shias and Sunnis to purify its land from evil Takfiris. His eminence also stated that he’s confident that Babil will defeat terrorism just like it defeated sectarianism.
This came during the crowded public festival held by the citizen’s coalition in the province of Babil, on Tuesday, April 22, 2014.
Babil is Capable of Coming Back to Be the Maker of the Country’s Future
His eminence maintained that Babil has refused the dictator’s attempts to shove his dark history into its history, and has refused every fake history and every null pretention. He indicated that great civilizations do not accept that their history gets visited by anyone; they preserve their culture and history and bear their wounds in order to remain authentic and rooted in the memory of history. Sayyid Al Hakim praised the province of babil for encompassing the finest civilization, history, knowledge, scholars, religion and marja’, affirming that it represents an important stage in the Imam’s (AS) journey towards the right and the embodiment of love, brotherhood and unity among citizens through their tribes and land, enlightened by the souls of the prophets that Babil embrace in its blessed soil. His eminence urged Babil to take a new stance and face the challenge to move towards the future and get back the magnificence and glory of the past. He explained that the bleeding Babil, after the attacks of perfidy and terrorism, is revolting on its pains and getting ready to extend its hand to Iraq and help the country stand up. His eminence stated that he’s confident that Babil is capable of coming back to be the maker of the future’s country and to win for the citizens, describing the coming elections as decisive to build the modern and fair State that Iraqis aspire to. He assured that this State should be fair as in giving citizens the trust in the judiciary, the institutions, the fair distribution of resources and making the citizens feel that it’s their State, not the State of officials, a State that defends its people, destroys sectarianism and intruding cultures seeking to sow discord among the people of one country, one city, one tribe. His eminence further underlined that this State should be powerful over its enemies and modest towards its people; it should protect the country, defend its dignity and ensures the security it desires.
The Citizen’s Coalition Only Accepts Success for Itself and Its Country
His eminence assured that the Iraqi people deserves to live in dignity and that it will not relinquish its dignity. He added that the people deserves success for it is a people of civilizations and great achievements over history; it has the oldest, most generous and scared nation, and this nation has the right to be granted by everyone the decision to develop and prosper. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim called on the citizens of Babil to take their historical decision that will bring back the honorable past, pointing out that the Martyr of the Niche movement and the Citizen’s Coalition have held up the “Citizens win” motto based on the principle that victory has no value without citizens. He added that members of the Martyr of the Niche have held up the slogan “we do not deserve to represent a people that we don’t serve”, because they are aware that history does not have mercy on those who are unsuccessful and that the future does not forgive those who are careless, and they only accept success for themselves and for their country. His eminence affirmed that they are the sons of the disadvantaged and oppressed, of martyrs; they are faithful to the country. He stressed that they will measure up to the aspirations of the people, assuring that the Martyr of the Niche movement and the Citizen’s Coalition will turn their motto into an approach, then the approach into a culture. Then, the State of officials will turn into the State of citizens.  
Babil Has a Great Peculiarity and Neglecting Its Peculiarity Causes the Spread of Terrorism
His eminence stated that unity needs solidarity, and solidarity is ensure through a strong and homogeneous work team with a unified vision, insisting that the platform of the citizen’s coalition is based on the work of such team and on the comprehensive administrative revolution. He stressed on the need to embrace the youth, defeat unemployment and create decent life opportunities to give back this country its youth by empowering the youngsters and grant them chances. He indicated that Iraq’s advancement is achieved through the advancement of its cities, and that the factories of Alexandria will produce again, the fields of Mussayib will prosper again and terrorism will be eliminated. Sayyid Al Hakim reminded of the project launched by the citizen’s coalition “The Babil of history and national unity”, indicating that the project aims to heal the wounds of Babil and that it’s not important who implements the project but what it’s important is that the people of Babil see a change in their lives. His eminence expressed his regret for seeing private considerations rule our country in everything, even in public projects that affect history, humans and civilization, confirming that the initiative was launched based on the conviction that Iraq’s history stems from Babil’s history and Iraq’s unity stems from Babil’s unity. He added that the initiative has remained however locked in the drawers, and did not get enough support in the parliament so as to turn into an effective project. He urged the citizens of Babil to elect those who truly represent them, defend their rights and support their projects, assuring that Iraq has gone through long years of mismanagement and confused planning for the provinces and that fixing the mistakes has created more routine and neglect with respect to the honorable province of Babil and other Iraqi provinces. His eminence insisted that Babil has a great peculiarity, reiterating his warning against forgetting to deal with Babil on the basis of this peculiarity. He indicated that failing to take this warning into account has made terrorism spread and more innocent blood be shed, calling on the citizens of Babil to ponder on the platform that serves their city. Furthermore, his eminence stressed that Iraq should be granted universities that produce knowledge and culture, not holders of certificates who don’t get any job opportunities or services; and that its people should be given prosperous cities, clean streets, sound hospitals and comfortable homes that protect the noble families of Iraq. He finally reiterated the importance of giving the army developed weapons, a good training and successful plans.