Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called on Wasit citizens to widely and consciously participate in the elections, urging them not to deal with courtesy in granting the trust because the future is an important issue where courtesy has no place, describing the next elections as the pivotal historical round which will shape the future of Wasit and of the country. He stressed the need to elect the real representatives at the parliament, whether men or women, saying that it is within the council of representatives that the fate of the country where we live, the fate of the wealth we use, and the fate of the decisions that govern us as well as our future, are decided. He also called them not to be tardy or negligent in electing someone who would defend the rights of Wasit and present to Iraq an integrated project. Here, he reminded of "Wasit, province of the future" initiative launched by the Citizen's Coalition, explaining that the latter was aware that the initiative will have to overcome the obstacles in order to advance this project. He said that the time has come for Wasit citizens to decide their project and future through their members of the parliament who have to present a project to Wasit and to Iraq, noting that the votes are more precious than gold and must not be absent because it is them who defend the rights of Wasit and those of all Iraq and that the one who does not care about the rights of his province, will not care about the rights of its country. Moreover, he called on everyone to assume their responsibility in declaring the rise of a new Iraq.
This came during the crowded public gathering for the Citizen's Coalition 273 in Wasit province on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.    
The Youth Are the Assets of the Nation, and through them, Corruption and Bureaucracy Can Be Fought
His Eminence pointed that the Citizen's Coalition has made diligent efforts to come up with a platform that would heal the wounds of Iraqis and bring solutions to the problems and issues of the country and of the citizens beyond the glittering slogans and the far-fetched wishes. He said the "citizens win" is the slogan of the platform, the service of the country and of the citizens is the essence, and the Citizen's Coalition is the means to turn this platform into reality and take Iraq to a safe shore, adding that the Citizen's Coalition trusts in its program and platform, and is pretty sure that Wasit citizens will choose with awareness the one who will bring good to Iraq. His Eminence reiterated his trust in the youth because they are the assets of this nation, thanks to them, Iraq earns the respect of the world, and through them, Iraq can fight corruption and bureaucracy, and the youth are the hope. In addition, he stated that answering the citizens' questions on service, health and security needs integrated and clear vision and project, and that the future does not come to us, but it is us who should walk towards it; the rights are not often granted, but taken; the countries are not built with wishes but with work, perseverance, labor and sacrifice, and it is the peoples who make the decision. Finally, he called on Wasit citizens to say the last world concerning the future of their province and of their country to prove to the world that they can build a state, a nation, praising the history of Wasit which, as its name indicates, is a moderate province, thus becoming an example of moderation and of coexistence of its Kurdish and Arab citizens.