Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, said the Citizen's Coalition seeks to reinforce the national alliance since it is the local house, considering the reinforcement of the alliance as an introduction to organize the local house, and describing the reinforcement of the alliance and the organization of the national house as complementary tasks. In a conference press held after his meeting with the head of the National Alliance, Mr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, in the residence of the latter in Baghdad on Sunday, May 11, 2014, his Eminence maintained that the Citizen's Coalition sought to turn the national alliance into an effective, grown institution that has the main role in the decision-making process produced by the mechanism of the national alliance, not to mention the effective, impressive and cooperative involvement of the alliance institution in passing projects and taking the decisions that serve the citizens and the country. He also underlined the importance of the agreement, the tolerance and the coexistence between the sons of the country and the development and improvement of the regional relations with all the neighboring countries, pointing that the clear platform, the harmonious team, and the well-defined vision are the tools that can achieve all this within a majority or partnership government provided that the main big powers are present and represented so that all our people can feel that their representatives are present and defend them.
For his part, Mr. al Jaafari said the national alliance is everybody's ammunition, explaining that "we don’t give importance to the persons but to the frameworks that express the minds of these components". To him, the presidency of the National Alliance is an open door through which any member of the National Alliance can run for, and they will not give up on the National Alliance because it is an entity that can be used to open new horizons on the regional and local levels.