Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, said the delay in releasing any official information about the election results raises concerns and doubts among many political circles, showing that the Citizen's Coalition will keep watching the results and will see how seriously the complaints submitted to the Independent High Electoral Commission are considered. He also maintained that the Citizen's Coalition reserves the right to react and its reaction will be decisive if the election results appear to be illogic and will have the last word in defending the Iraqi people's rights, wishing at the same time that things don’t go that far. Here, he called on the Commission and its members to assume its historical responsibilities towards God and the history, not to surrender to the pressures and to work with professionalism, transparency and honesty. According to him, their big responsibility is to turn the will and the votes of the people into seats at the council of representatives as indicated in the ballots. Moreover, his Eminence said the announcement of the transparent results means to move to the next stage and to hold the first session of the new council of representatives and form the government out of the belief in the seriousness of the stage, which requires a quick action in forming a harmonious national government according to a clear vision that helps rule Iraq for the next four years.
This came during the ceremony held on the occasion of the birthday of Imam Ali (AS) in his Eminence's office in Baghdad on Wednesday, May 14, 2014.
The Citizen's Coalition is the cornerstone of the next government, a security valve and a balancing factor.
His Eminence reiterated the attitude of the Citizen's Coalition and its vision to build the national alliance, considering it as an essential and pivotal step to restore the political stability, rejecting a national alliance that would be used as a cover to secretly pass a government. He added that the alliance on which the Citizen's Coalition works is an institution that has all the clear mechanisms and acts within well-defined plans so that the alliance contributes to the decision making and guarantees Iraq's security and stability. He affirmed that building the national alliance is to be followed by the step of building an alliance that is larger than the active political forces so as to reassure everybody.
His eminence underlined his refusal of a government without any project or platform, of an alliance without any institutional components and of a majority without any homogeneous team. This is, he added, the roadmap for the coming phase, reminding that the government of political majority is a source of concern, because one who is nominated based on the rule of “half plus one” can also be gone based on the same rule and may be easily toppled, which prejudices the country and citizens.Sayyid Al Hakim expressed his pride regarding the fact that the citizen bloc is a cornerstone in forming the coming government with the help of the main partners, highlighting that the bloc is glad to have means of communication with all the political forces and to be also a safety valve and an element of balance. He stressed that the approach of Ali is one of forgiveness, openness, construction and victory for the project. His eminence warned against the fragility of a government that is built on conflict and exclusion of others. 
Ali (AS) is an example of a perfect human taking his path towards Allah.
Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim explained that the beginning and the end of Ali (AS) is from the house of Allah to the house of Allah; he was born in Al Ka’ba and became a martyr in the prayer niche (mehrab). His eminence affirmed that the quality of the birth of Ali in Al Ka’ba is a particular feature to him, indicating that Ali is an approach just like his enemies are an approach. Sayyid Al Hakim considered that Ali is a safety valve for all phases and a connecting loop among generations, indicating that Ali (AS) is among the first people who launched political freedoms and assumed the responsibility of defining the milestones of religion, providing services and security to the people. His eminence finally assured that Ali (AS) is a prolongation of the messenger of Allah (pbuh).