Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim stressed the need to seize the strengths in order to consolidate them in the coming phase and identify and address the weaknesses and failures.
This came during his eminence’s meeting with the secretary general of Badr organization and minister of transport, Mr. Hadi Al Ameri, in the former’s office in Baghdad, on Wednesday, May 14, 2014.
During the meeting, the two sides discussed the electoral developments as well as the general situation especially the failures and problems that Iraq has faced in the political process in the past phase.
His eminence indicated that the meeting had reviewed the formation of the government through a partnership between the strong and influencing forces to reach a homogeneous team and a clear program and vision. He added that these are the fundamental elements to achieve success and provide services to the Iraqi citizens, highlighting that there are many ideas to make the national alliance a more efficient institution.
His eminence insisted that the joy and success of the elections should be completed through accelerated steps as soon as the results are announced, in order to take the required measures and arrangements to form the government, based on the harmony among the great political forces and the intention to build a strong team to run the country in the coming period.
For his part, Mr. Hadi Al Ameri assured that the meeting tackled the issue of building the national alliance and making it an efficient and integrated institution to manage the Iraqi project. He also stressed his eagerness to build the national alliance based on criteria through which Iraq can be run and the ambitions of the Iraqi people can be met.