Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, insisted that the citizen’s coalition is committed to the national alliance, describing the latter as the roof under which all related blocs seek refuge. His eminence assured that the position regarding the national alliance is among the essential constants, explaining that the citizen’s coalition is working on rebuilding the national alliance according to correct foundations to turn it into an institution that guarantees rights and national unity. Moreover, his eminence indicated that the stability of Iraq depends on the organization of its largest arena, stressing that whoever gives up on the national alliance would be giving up on the largest consensus and thus on the national consensus. He described the national alliance as being the foster and guarantee of any coming government, calling upon the political blocs to meet and discuss the ways to reinforce the national unity, improve the situation and form a strong homogeneous team, so as to agree on a clear program to run the country.
This came during the celebration of the prophet’s first revelation and of the Isra and Mi’raj held on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at his eminence’s office in Baghdad.
The True Representation of All Components is the Guarantee for Any Government
His eminence warned against the motto of the government of majority, considering it a good motto from an electoral perspective although not practical and probably leading to a weak government. He urged those calling for the government of the majority not to waste any time and avoid unrealistic solutions, reminding that Iraq is a country that comprises various components and that anyone who tries to deny these components would be overlooking the Iraqi map. His eminence underlined that the true representation of all components is the guarantee for any government, unlike the formal representation that would push the components not to recognize the government. Consequently, the government would not be able to run the country in the absence of recognition by the components. Sayyid Al Hakim expressed his regret because the last elections did not measure up to the ambitions, indicating that the recent elections could have been a significant milestone to prove that Iraq is capable of running an election process, away from the authority’s influence, especially that it’s the first after the exit of the U.S. troops. His eminence assured that much will be said about the recent elections, explaining that the commission did not handle the complaints and the challenges positively.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Made a Great Achievement in Building the Nation in a Record Time 
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq stated that the prophet’s character is unique as no one can ever measure up to it. He added that it’s no coincidence that the prophet’s first revelation happened on the same day of his ascension to the seven heavens, but it’s a translation of intertwined loops. The first revelation represents the project, the Isra represents its scope and the Mi’raj its compass and directions. His eminence maintained that the goals of the prophet’s first revelation is worship, avoidance of injustice, doing justice, supporting the rights, clear notification, guidance, supplication to Allah and justice. His eminence also assured that the prophet (pbuh) has made a great achievement in building the nation in a time record, indicating that the end of the mission demonstrates that humans reached adulthood.