Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, warned those who are igniting the flame of terrorism in Iraq that they will be engulfed by its fire, describing terrorism as the virus that will consume everyone and everything, and otherwise will destroy itself. He said mistaken are those who believe that by the terrorist movement, they will gain political and tactical advantage, indicating that terrorism does not believe in partnership, yet it exploits the others politically and not vice versa, and will smash them at the end of the day, and that the nation will always stick to its project and to the unity of Iraq and has enough powers to end the battle. His Eminence also stated that the Iraqis believe in their destiny in defending the country, the region and the world and that Iraq will stay united and we will defend its unity, showing the importance of carefully detecting and reconsidering the mistakes in order to address them, as well as the importance of punishing the traitors and accomplices. Moreover, he maintained that the coexistence is the choice of the Iraqis, underlining the importance of forming a government within the time limits. Here, he said he is sorry that the parliament ended its first session with no presidency body chosen, wishing that the current dialogues contributes to the choice of a presidency body so that a president of the Republic may be selected and a government may be formed with harmonious team having well-defined platform.

This came in the speech delivered by his Eminence on the commemoration ceremony of Aziz al-Iraq, Sayyid Abdul Aziz al-Hakim (may Allah sanctify his soul) in Baghdad and the other provinces at the same time on Thursday, July 3, 2014.
Iraqis Are a Nation, while Terrorists Are a Group that Will End up in the Dustbin of History
    His Eminence said Iraq is above everyone, the doctrine is the guarantee and patriotism is the first line of defense against the extremism faced by the Iraqi people. He noted that the Iraqis are a nation, not diverse groups, and we must speak as nation, affirming that the Iraqi people's right to live is sacred and the people will not put its weapons down, yet it will defend its project until doing away with the last Daesh criminal who profaned the land of Iraq. He added that the battle of Iraqis against the terrorist groups is of long breath and has been on for long time, and each time the latter ended up in the dustbin of history while the Iraqis remained like the crowns studded with freedom and honorable history. According to him, the Iraqis are fighting a perverse thought and an evil course, but he is certain that Allah will bring victory to the believers and that the future is for the Iraqis. He also reminded that the Iraqis, of all segments, religions and sects, are a nation while the terrorists are a group and that Iraqis are righteous, while the terrorists advocate the wrong, showing hic concern for the suffering of the regions and their residents from terrorism and the serious violations by the terrorists, describing them as obscene and affirming that Iraq is a country where Sunnis and Shia live together and that terrorism did harm to Islam. He said the conflict today is a conflict of wills, not of politics, and the victory will certainly be for the will of the right and the rationale of the state building.
The Project of Aziz al-Iraq Is about Building the State and the Institutions and Ensuring the Unity of Iraq 
    Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim said Aziz al-Iraq (may Allah sanctify his soul) grew up in the house of the religious marja and later played historical roles, explaining that the late had a spiritual and moral sense and lived as ascetic, working discretely. He said he was strict and sensitive at the same time and was the man of impossible tasks. He added that he believed in the religious marja as a faith of Allah, not to mention that he was intrepid and shrewd as military and political leader and statesman. In addition, he made clear that his project was to build the nation, a project that cannot be achieved unless by building the state, confirming that his project was to build the state and the institutions and to ensure the unity of Iraq, stressing the need to stick to it.