Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, said the high privileges are one main reason behind the conflict over the positions in the country, explaining that the luxurious offices and the huge number of armored, top-notch vehicles, as well as the army of bodyguards, staff, assistants, servants and entourage made it hard for the high ranking state officers, such as ministers and others, to easily give up their offices. In his opinion, this is all due to the greed, the indulgence in the worldly life and the desire for more than the basic needs. The head of the Islamic Supreme Council called on the officials to follow the example of the presidents, ministers and officials of the other countries in terms of simplicity, austerity and fighting against extravagance and excessive expenditure, warning against using the religion and the legal obligation to abuse the offices unreasonably for the longest possible period and calling for allowing access to new figures and blood for the positions and offices in a country where the population is estimated at more than 30 million and where there are diverse competences and talents.
This came during the eighth Ramadan evening gathering held by the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq in his office in Baghdad on Sunday, July 6, 2014.
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim called on the faithful to stand by each other and be united in order to prevent the terrorists from stealing the country, violating its holiness and attacking its people under denominations that are alien to our community, religion and customs, and to seize the opportunity in this holy month of Ramadan to strengthen the unity between the citizens of this country, communicate with them and be generous to them.