Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, expressed his hope that the efforts of political leaderships would result in a reassuring political process for all Iraqis as it will help reducing the security pressures, and added that controlling the field in terms of security and fighting terrorism will help speed up the political process, calling to move forward with relentless efforts to reach this point.
His eminence mentioned the successive calls launched by the high religious authority for more than a week demanding officials, political leaders and parliamentary blocs to accelerate the nomination of the three leaderships and form the parliament and government so that the latter can start performing its duties, providing services to citizens and controlling the security, political and service situation in the country.
His eminence insisted that officials have to move in a balanced manner in handling and following up on the security situation and fighting terrorism. He praised at the same time how citizens have answered the high authority’s call and hurried to the volunteering camps, and offered to present their lives for the sake of the dogma, Islam and Iraq.
His eminence expressed his surprise for the non-election by the parliament of a speaker, and two deputies and non-formation of the government during the last session, highlighting his indignation for not reaching any agreement on this matter over the last few months. Sayyid Al Hakim indicated that this goes against the expectations of the people, who have participated in large numbers in the elections, voted and manifested their pride of democracy and freedom. He added that these people want to express their views mainly consisting in having officials fulfill their obligations to restore stability, determining who runs their affairs and assumes the responsibility.
This came at the 14th Ramadan evening gathering held at his eminence’s office on Saturday, July 12, 2014.
On the other hand, his Eminence warned that lots of the problems our community suffers today are due to mismanagement and incorrect distribution of roles, not to mention the lack of an effective and efficient administrative system whether in the family since it is the first social block or in the community as bigger family.
He said such administrative system in family would prevent the division and breakup of the latter because the social system starts from the family then extends over to the tribe, the region and the community in general, explaining that such system applies to all of these given the common administrative regulations.
According to the head of the Islamic Supreme Council, the mismanagement creates dictators because of the abuse and misuse of the administrative positions given to them and the bigger family and the community also produce dictatorships and abuse of such positions. Here he warned against the risks of encroaching on the limits of these positions, for it leads to injustice, inequity and abuse. In his opinion, to be responsible does not mean to be despotic, but to correctly manage things within the specific tasks.