Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called on the new Council of Representatives of Iraq to give a reassuring image to the Iraqi Public and to show more seriousness in action and in the wide attendance of its sessions. His Eminence noted that the parliament must closely watch the performance of the officials of the next government, consider the complaints and have an active and special supervisory role. According to him, we must build strong, efficient institutions that promote harmony, agreement and trust and serve the people since this is one of their evident rights.
He explained that the parliament is the major institution in the democratic system of a country and is charged with the greatest tasks, pointing out to the impressions, criticisms and bad image reflected by the former parliament. This is why, in his opinion, we need to improve such image never mind if it is fair or not and no matter if the parliament is part or has a role in such negative image or vision because we are at a new stage. Here, he said there are systematized plans to dismantle the parliament and give a bad image of it in the public opinion.
This came during the 19th Ramadan evening gathering held at his Eminence's office in Baghdad on Wednesday, July 16, 2014.
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim warned the officials and the public servants from turning such positions to a platform for the partisan, categorical, personal and ethnical interests, and to a conflict for power, privileges and selfishness, and neglecting the people's cause, which is the most important. To him, the abuse of power and the oppressive decisions are a main departure from the speeches and slogans launched prior to the general elections and which mainly called for serving the people and providing decent living to the citizens of this country.
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq strongly denied that the position should have a role in the transformation of some into dictators based on the fact that the person changes when entrusted with a position of authority, affirming that in reality, the position does not change the people but rather shows who they truly are.
Furthermore, his eminence stressed the need to fight the rumors circulated by terrorists and their supporters and to confront the psychological war with firmness because it affects the determination of armed forces, which makes it hard to handle. He also indicated that neglecting such war means losing confidence in achieving victory over the enemy who is inferior in power and in number.
His eminence called on everyone to perform their duties of fighting terrorism and terrorism and to take a clear stance in this regard. He warned against being impartial and steering clear of this issue as everyone with their families, homelands, lands, sacred places and even places of worship are going to be targets of terrorism. His eminence called on the oppressed to revolt for their dignity and their country, to use all available means to defeat terrorism and to stand against oppressors, because undertaking the duties and responsibilities makes these efforts fruitful and ensures their success and good fortune granted by Allah.
It is certain that jihad and defense of the country and the self should be understood in its true meaning in the view of Islam not in the erroneous meaning circulated by those extremists.