Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim assured that Ali (AS) has become a large and active movement in the nation, highlighting the influence and presence of this movement represented by scholars, authors, politicians, tradesmen, believers and good people. His eminence indicated that this movement that is committed to the approach and project of Ali (AS) is influencing the regional and international balances, clarifying that Ali’s dealing with the caliphate of Muslims for four years and his ability to establish this big and growing movement from within the nation represents a strategic success on the long term.
This came at the nineteenth Ramadan evening gathering held at his eminence’s office in Baghdad, on Thursday, July 17, 2014.
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq pointed out that the era of Amir Al Mu’minin Ali (AS) witnessed the emergence of many political movements that had personal and partisan whims and ambitions, adding that these movements were opportunistic and looking for their own interests, not the nations’. Among the cited movements were the movement of hypocrites and people holding grudges and cold black hearts, the movement of people who appear to be religious but deep down aren’t, who imagine they know everything but have an erroneous understanding, the movement of dissenters who have stoned minds. His eminence also added that there was the movement of faithful good people obedient to Ali (AS) who risked their lives for his project, but they were a few, and there was the movement of the simple public who got confused amongst these different movements. His eminence finally underlined that Ali (AS) was a man who handled difficult positions as he sacrificed himself and his existence for the prophet (pbuh) throughout this long missionary journey.