Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, said everyone considers the election of the three presidencies as steps that help reassure all Iraqis of all components and cushion the crisis the country is going through, as well as bring the people closer to each other, because there is no other choice but a united Iraq, explaining that the country is experiencing unusual and sensitive conditions. "If we want to be united, we must stay close to each other, support each other and love each other. We must reassure each other ", he added. According to him, it is very important that the Iraqi citizens, of any ideology and sect, see those who represent them in the first line of the presidencies, hoping that the non-Kurd candidates for president of the Republic take back their candidacies though they have the priority and though this is in compliance with the Iraqi constitution, given the exceptional conditions we undergo in this sensitive stage. Moreover, he warned against any tactics, maneuvers and political messages that may be launched in the current stage through these steps, because this is a pivotal moment of the history of Iraq, and in order to have one candidate determined by the Kurdish movement for such office, we must vote for him to achieve national consensus, unity and cohesion. He also warned that the non-compliance would lead to surprises that turn the votes over and raise concerns with our honorable Iraqi components.
This came during the 24th Ramadan evening gathering held at his Eminence's office in Baghdad on July 22, 2014. The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq maintained that given the security, political and service situations and the bitter reality the Iraqis undergo, the Council of Representatives needs to form a strong, harmonious team that can change this reality and take the country to a safe shore, and to overcome this period with minor losses if Allah wills, noting that the ambitions of the candidates for president of the Republic are constitutional, legal, acceptable and legitimate but the country's conditions and the dangerous turning points require that these step be reassuring to an important component and help appease the tension and bring us closer to each other, instead of creating division and conflict between us.