Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called for dealing flexible with a quick formation of a unity government that would bring international and regional support, asserting that its formation helps counter terrorism, turn the page of crises and bottlenecks and work in solidarity. In his meeting with the speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Mr. Salim al-Jabbouri, at his office in Baghdad on Saturday, August 30, 2014 and the delegation of the Union of National Powers, his Eminence said they discussed the global political processes, the government formation and the rules and constraints governing the allocation of the portfolios in a way that involves everyone, adding that all the parties want to quickly form the government within the constitutional deadline and understand the current conditions to reach a common vision that can build a harmonious government with competent, strong team. He also praised the spirit of common work the Union of National Powers has especially in these critical conditions, calling for concerted efforts so that the government can see the light very soon. Moreover, he stressed the importance of standing in one front to defend the rights of all Iraqis and recover the lands from the terrorists so that their people can come back, saying it is essential that the citizens of Anbar, Salaheddine, Diyala and Mosul protect and defend their regions. According to him, a reassuring political process, bold and quick steps and solidarity and synergy between all political powers will reassure the Iraqi people.
His Eminence made clear that the next government has only limited period to find solutions for the issues it must handle and that its program gives the general aspects that serve all Iraqis and guarantee the claims within a reassuring global vision. He stated that the governmental program will be completed very soon and that the candidacies are only a matter of time, showing his support for the Peshmerga and all the tribal and social powers facing terrorism. He reiterated that ministerial flexibility will help cut the costs especially during this war time against terrorism and will give wider powers for the local government, adding that the obstacles to the flexibility were left to the ad hoc committees.
For his part, al-Jabbouri said there is a will to form within the constitutional deadline a government that would encompass all national powers, as well as to address all security issues for which all parties are responsible since they have rights and obligations, confirming that his Coalition considers eliminating the obstacles for Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim offered to complete the negotiations and form the government according