Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, said while it was not to the satisfaction of everyone, the new government is extremely fair and managed to make the required balances. During a visit with the accompanying delegation on last Wednesday night, September 10, 2014, to the Prime Minister Mr. Haider al-Abadi to congratulate him for the approval of the government and its program by the Iraqi Council of Representatives, his Eminence continued: "the governmental program shows clear signs of possible solutions for the current crises Iraq is going through", maintaining that the Islamic Supreme Council and Al Muwattin movement will defend and get aligned to make this program a success. He also noted that he had discussions with Mr. al-Abadi about the political issues, the regional relations and the measures to be taken in Iraq, believing that the processes ensure more national unity in the country and help build amicable relations with the region and the international community.
For his part, Mr. al-Abadi said he is committed to the governmental program he suggested, stressing the need to cooperate and make concerted efforts to face the security, political and economic challenges, and to take the country to a safe shore. He also underlined the political and military efforts made in order to eradicate the terrorism and improve the security situation.
During the weekly cultural forum held on Wednesday, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq said the Prime Minister's mission is difficult, but not impossible if everyone is committed to work with the spirit of the one country, destiny and future.