Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, underlined his support for the national unity government, noting that during his meeting with the Prime Minister, Mr. Haider al-Abadi on Sunday, September 28, 2014, they discussed the political and security process development, the issue of the displaced Iraqis and how to relieve their suffering, as well as the situation of the armed forces and the required procedures to support the government in its implementation of the governmental platform adopted by the Prime Minister.
His eminence highlighted Dr. Abadi’s interest to overcome the obstacles and take quick steps in order to solve the problems and deepen the national harmony under the government of national unity and partnership. He also expressed his hope to see the governmental team contribute in instilling democracy, constructing and serving the country and the citizens.
For his part, the Prime Minister explained that his meeting with Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim and the Citizen's Coalition aims at strengthening the national alliance and the relation between the political movements at the national level, calling on everyone to assume their responsibilities in supporting the government and helping it succeed in what it does because it embraces everyone. He also maintained that the international support is increasing day after day because Iraq is fighting the ISIS on behalf of the world, indicating that this was not possible if it weren’t for this cohesion and solidarity between the political blocs and our people and for the higher religious authority’s fatwa in mobilizing Iraqis to fight alongside the armed forces to defend their country and sacred properties.
Dr. Al Abadi stressed the importance of respecting the Iraqi sovereignty and the unity of the Iraqi lands. He also renewed his rejection for the deployment of any foreign forces on land as there is no need for them, assuring that Iraq has received affirmations from other countries to respect Iraqi sovereignty in the presence of an elected government representing all Iraqi components. Furthermore, he clarified that the Iraqi forces and the people's rally working under the commandment of the army and the umbrella of the state to defend Iraq and the sacred places are capable of driving the ISIS out, but they only need air cover, weapons and equipment.
Dr. Al Abadi called on the political movements and the three legislative, executive and judicial authorities to cooperate in between for the success of the government's platform, stressing the importance of collaboration between the government and the parliament. He added that in order for the governmental platform to succeed, there needs to be real efforts made by the government and the parliament, calling on the parliamentary opposition to be responsible and not to throw the blame on others. He stated that the ISIS is still relying on the psychological warfare by frightening the combatants and the people, calling to have one position towards this criminal enemy and not to become a victim of the enemy’s psychological war.
He also made clear that he has ordered not to bombard civil zones but insisted in the same time on increasing the air strikes against the ISIS, explaining that the air strikes have increased by 20% and target the ISIS headquarters. He finally indicated that the security ministries issue will be decided soon.