Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called on the political forces to measure up to the historical responsibility they assume towards this good patient people, to go beyond the narrow spaces in dialogue, to look for solutions and to move forward towards spaces that are as large as this country and the common future that awaits them. His eminence praised the right procedural measures so far taken by the new government, reiterating his support to the cabinet so that it can complete its formation by selecting competent people for the security ministries, especially that the main challenge is currently the security one. His eminence encouraged the government to take efficient measures to end the disputes between the federal government and the government of Kurdistan based on the constitution, the law and the respect of mutual commitments, indicating that using the “zero crisis” policy leads to drastic and comprehensive solutions. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim asked everyone to work for a true, deep and honest reconciliation, not a circumstantial one, stating that this country has no chance of stability and progress without a true societal and political reconciliation that begins with frankness and is support with clarity, adding that a reconciliation can only be guaranteed when it is supported with a clear legal and constitutional framework and governed by real mutual measures. His eminence called to invest in the international and regional efforts, assuring that the guarantee for our security is our reliance on Allah and on our personal powers and the potentials of our people ((God helps those who help themselves)). He also expressed his confidence in the Iraqis’ ability to take hold of their land and purify it from terrorism; what they need is armament, training and intelligence support until our intelligence apparatuses are fully completed as support should not only be limited to air support. His eminence maintained that finding regional solutions to the problems will be less expensive than keeping the region under the fire of crises and that the international coalition against ISIS should stay committed to the goals for which it was established.  Furthermore, he insisted on not turning the international coalition into a tool of aggravation and increase of polarization to create new balances in the region at the expense of the interests of its people, security and stability. He called on the government to deal with the larger international space in its war on terrorism and not to limit its collaboration to the one with the international coalition, pointing out that there are many States that did not enter the coalition although they had fought, and still are fighting, terrorism and have a direct interest in eliminating terrorism on our land as they are aware that it will spread to them sooner or later. His eminence considered that the openness to the larger regional and international spaces is the main guarantee to ensure the fundamentals of victory in this decisive battle.
This came in the sermon of Eid Al Adha held under the guidance of his eminence in Baghdad, on Sunday, October 5, 2014.
The Martyr of the Niche Movement Will Hold Accountable and Withdraw the Legitimacy of Any of Its Member Officials Proven to be Neglectful
His eminence addressed the members of the Martyr of the Niche movement saying to them that they have the biggest responsibility: “You are the men and the biggest project of this country”. He reminded them that 3 years earlier he had told them to get ready to assume the responsibility, lauding their patience and reliance on Allah. He also praised how they are carrying the project in all its aspects despite the gloating of others, and congratulated them on their victory and their position today in the heart of the country. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim insisted that this is a great responsibility to maintain the victory and the momentum, reminding them of their pledge towards Allah and the people and of their famous motto “we don’t deserve to represent a people that we don’t serve”, and calling on them to support the successful and competent people wherever they are. He told them “Be for Iraq as a whole and for all Iraqis. Work with the mentality of unity and spirit team, and never stop rectifying your paths, using constructive self-criticism, and assessing yourself and your project. Always be aware, as the officials’ inattentiveness is the start of their failure. You are today in the position of responsibility and we will keep monitoring, evaluating, correcting and defending not jostling, like we’ve always been whether in positions of authority or not”. He maintained that the Martyr of the Niche movement will spare no support or advice for it is aware that the challenges are big but the opportunities are bigger, pointing out to a new, important start and a step forward where we'll overcome the negative points and support the positive ones. He also said the failure is a matter of administration. According to him, the Martyr of the Niche movement won't allow an unsuccessful, corrupt or slackened administration bearing our name and slogan to be under its responsibility or its patronage, and this is directly addressed to those members of the movement who assume their responsibilities in the provinces and ministries. In fact, the Martyr of the Niche movement pushed its best long experienced men for the public service positions, and he wishes that they harness all their capabilities and expertise in the service of the nation and the citizens. The Martyr of the Niche members, he added, won't allow anyone to undermine this important slogan they call for in desire for a position, or the glow of an authority, or a momentary, short-lived advantage, for the Martyr of the Niche members have a project and a right and they stand by everyone for an independent, stable and free Iraq and a just, modern state. His Eminence also explained that the movement will hold accountable and delegitimize any of his responsible members who is proved to have acted with slackness, renewing his trust in them and in their history full of generosity and achievements.  
A Country Where Ali (As) and Hussein (AS) Are Won't Be Lost and the Banner Is Upheld High and Will Always Flutter over the Lofty Heads
His Eminence explained that this Eid has come while the mothers and fathers of the Iraqis are declaring their children as martyrs; heroes are embracing their wounds, which are signs of glory and price; orphans are still shedding tears; and aggrieved people are still praying to God to take revenge on their behalf against those who persecuted them; displaced people are spending the Eid away from their hometowns, cities and homes; and a part of our beloved land is still mourning and suffering from the evil terrorism. But he said, "the hope is growing in our heart; our zeal is getting wilder; a victory is imminent and a future is getting closer to us and we are heading toward it", explaining that today is the "Allah is the Greatest" call, calling for answering it because it's the call of good, love, peace, tolerance, coexistence, brotherhood and faith. He also noted that a country with Ali (AS) and Hussein (AS) in it won't be lost and the banner won't be turned over, maintaining that the country is protected, the right is taken back and the banner is upheld and will always flutter high in the sky above the lofty heads and that Iraqi are stronger because they met on their right, got united, defended their future and are on the right way albeit all the risks and challenges. For him, Iraq will always be the country of prophets and of the honest people and won't accept any dirt or epidemic on its land. This country won't also accept that its citizens be slaughtered, its  honor be violated, its women be taken as captives, its people be killed and its blood be shed. Iraq won't accept to be profaned by the evil terrorism, extremism and violence and to be held as hostage by the terrorist and criminals and the corrupt communities. "The Iraqis have never yielded, and will never yield, to grievance and the sun of this country will shine despite the darkness of perversion, grudge and terrorism that cover it", he added. He made clear that the Iraqis have believed in the unity of this country and their belief gets stronger day after day, and they are more and more convinced that they'll win. Moreover, Sayyid al-Hakim said, "today the Iraqis are defending their land, their honor, their present and their future and they are marking the best and most noble moments of pride and dignity. From the legendary Amirli through Duluhiya, al-Dabitiya, Hamrin Mountains and Jurf al-Sakhar to Mosul, resisting Anbar and rebellious Saladin, the Iraqis will prove to the whole world that they don't fear death and don’t accept retardation and extremism. And from the beloved mountains of Kurdistan to the dear brown al-Fow, this country will remain united and on its haughty land, all the division, fragmentation and sectarianism attempts will fall apart", describing Iraq as the best country ever honoring its people with the one of the best spots on earth, hosting a number of prophets, guardians and allies and bestowing on its citizens riches that amazed the world and provoked envy.