Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called on the political parties and the media to support the Iraqi government, to give it the opportunities to succeed and to understand its reality and the heavy loads left to it to handle, wondering why the government has been criticized while it was born only few months ago and is composed of all the political parties. Moreover, he stressed the importance of filling the vacancies in the national unity government, particularly the security ministries, by appointing competent and honest ministers, considering the service of the people as the parameter to evaluate every official of the Iraqi state, urging the ministers, the officials and the military leaders to be honest with the people so that they can understand them and give them more time to act. He also called for getting in contact with the people to know the kind of problems they suffer from away from the reports and the office work, not to mention the necessary presence of the security leaders in the first lines. Here, he reiterated his rejection to any foreign or regional land forces in Iraq, because, according to him, the Iraqis can win over the ISIS and the group cannot be defeated with the air strikes but with the field confrontation, and this is something the Iraqis must undertake.    
This came during the 27th conference of the preaching men and women in Najaf al-Sharaf on Thursday, October 16, 2014.
We Warn against the ISIS's Psychological Warfare and the Rumors It Circulates about Targeting Baghdad
His Eminence explained that the ISIS are coward fighters since they use the mortar bombs, the explosive charges and the sniper rifles and spread fear and panic by broadcasting the beheading scenes. He said the ISIS has forgotten that the Iraqis were raised on the course of Hussein (AS), warning against the psychological warfare the group wages by circulating rumors of targeting Baghdad. Iraq will witness more security and peace, and there will be rounds that will defeat the ISIS, he added. He also made clear that the terrorism comes today from the enemies of Hussein (AS), because all the acts of the ISIS are the same as those perpetrated by the enemies of Hussein (AS) in Karbala by cutting the supply of water, inspiring fear in the hearts of the women and the children, taking them as captives and decapitating them. He noted that the preaching discourse requires wisdom and defending the right through the knowledge, the wisdom, the good instruction and the eloquence in such a way to impress the addressees, in addition to the good omen and the admonition and the balance between them, as well as the reference to the innate and concrete things. His Eminence said it is also important to act with kindness and open heart, and to speak in clear and strong words, calling the preachers to focus on what is in common with the addressees and to speak their language in a way consistent with their capabilities, to deduce the content, to play on emotions by using mobilizing speech and emotional aspect, while also stressing the importance of delivering easy to understand speech in conformity with the understanding levels of the addressees and of calling their attention by asking questions and providing answers, not to mention the importance of the straight, clear, honest and loyal conveyance of the messages. Finally, he said that Muharram imparts a message of life, of reform, of steadfastness and of challenge of the tyrants, and one needs to draw lessons from Muharram to apply them in the real life we live.