Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, assured that the liberation of Jurf Al Nasr represents another victory and is the start of great victories, stressing that the Iraqi people will witness in the few coming days the signs of another triumph that will boost their determination. His eminence indicated that the land of Iraq will be purified from the filth of ISIS terrorism sooner than imagined by analysts abroad, underlining that these victories prove that Iraqis of all sects and ethnicities follow the approach of Hussain (AS), which is the approach of right, freedom and resistance to free the land, defend the honor and enhance the dignity of Iraqi citizens. His eminence also praised the sacrifices and high spirits of combatants from the army, the federal police and the popular crowd.
This came when his eminence was checking on the military units and popular crowd forces in Jurf Al Nasr (previously Jurf Al Sakhr), the first and second regions of Fadiliya and Abd Weis north of Babil on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.
    His eminence met the heroes of security forces and combatants who answered the call of the authority and listened to their conversations and heroic stories. He also learned about what they need to maintain the momentum of the battle and win this honorable battle against the terrorist rats of ISIS.
    The security forces, supported by the popular crowd, had managed to fully purify the region of Jurf Al Nsar along with the adjacent villages and regions from the terrorist gangs of ISIS and had risen the Iraqi flag above the regional center. They were as well able to kill tens of terrorist gangs and arrest others.