Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, indicated that Iraqi politicians need a true and honest will to work and should have hearts full of faith in a united Iraq under a federal regime that guarantees the rights and interests of everyone. His eminence affirmed the commitment to a unified, independent and stable Iraq, calling to have faith in it and show it in acts not in words. He explained that Iraq’s progress requires true faith in it and urged the political forces to be open and not to hide the deeply rooted problems behind shiny compliments, adding that Iraq is one unified country. Furthermore, he warned that anyone seeking to get out of the country will be a prey to the avidities invading the region and the world. He called on the political forces to have the same political maturity of the Iraqi community, to handle events realistically and to plan for a unified, strong, independent and stable Iraq that guarantees everyone’s rights, indicating that the world is full of successful, stable and prosperous federal experiences, and Iraq is no exception. His eminence also pointed out that terrorism does not distinguish between Shias, Sunnis, Arabs, Kurds, Skhabaks, Muslims, Christians or Yazidis; it has shown its teeth and has been threatening everyone, which is another proof that Iraqis will not be safe as long as Iraq is a weak State and a split country. His eminence assured that Hussain (AS) does not only belong to the Shias or to the Arabs and Muslims, but he is a universal human Islamic project and a model for the culture of sacrifice, not of beheading, the culture of freedom, not of captivity. We Iraqis have been blessed by Allah to have the land of Hussain, the land of Hussaini revolution and of the Hussaini project. His eminence called to carry out a drastic review of the performance of our armed forces and to study with objectivity and professionalisms the reasons of failure, corruption and emergence of leaders who do talking more than acting. He also called to take strict measures aiming to rectify the aberrance of the military institution, insisting on choosing competent, courageous and trustworthy leaders to run the institution. His eminence expressed his optimism regarding the selection of leaderships to the security ministries and wished that they introduce comprehensive and radical reforms to address the perversion that has hit this established institution.
This came during the Tasu’a festival held in Baghdad and ten provinces on Monday, November 3, 2014.
Tenacious of the National Alliance as a Political Framework to Common Collective Work
    His eminence called on the followers of one dogma to unify their projects under one Hussaini project, to support the nation’s project instead of personal or narrow party-based projects, to be bold, admit and correct the mistakes and to work for the future, for the deprived and the underprivileged, and to purify the State from the corrupt, the liars and losers. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim insisted on working with the spirit of a strong homogeneous team and on learning from old and new lessons, adding that those who do not benefit from the lessons of history will be a lesson themselves. He addressed them saying “Our project is one; hence, our decision, planning and path ought to be one. There should be no exclusion, no marginalization or no narrow personal interests that lead us to catastrophic results”. His eminence affirmed his support to everyone and stressed on not allowing individualism, exclusion and moodiness, explaining that experiences have proven that the nation’s project is no place to experiment for the results will affect everyone; therefore, it is everyone’s responsibility to preserve the nation’s project regardless of the job and official descriptions and to contribute in building political institutions that are capable of protecting the State and its project. Moreover, he reiterated that the Martyr of the Niche movement is tenacious of the national alliance as a political framework to common collective work, indicating that if “we want a strong government, we must strengthen the national alliance as being an essential way to support the government.”

The Martyr of the Niche’s Project is an Introduction to the Nation’s Project
    His eminence addressed the members of the Martyr of the Niche movement saying that “they are this nation’s hope, the holders of the banner and defenders of the project”. He indicated: “You have a double responsibility because you’re now in the front and in the confrontation. All eyes are on you and decisions are expected to come out of you. This is the phase of truth and testing”. His eminence called on them to be truthful, loyal, honorable, successful and distinguished, insisting that there is no place for deceitful people, or the owners of personal projects, or losers or corrupt, for the Martyr of the Niche’s project is an introduction to the nation’s project. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim urged them by saying “You must realize that the difficulties are big, the legacy is heavy and the challenges are serious, but the fate of men is to have challenges as big as their zeal, and the fate of our project is to make its way through the stones and rocks. There is no victory without sacrifices. Today, as we are on the ninth day of Muharram (Tasu’a), our eyes turn to tomorrowwhere await the big victory and the greatest sacrifice.” His eminence insisted on holding the motto “One like me does not pledge allegiance to one like him” and on using it against every corrupt, loser, coward, pretender and liar. He highlighted the need to clean the movement from opportunists and people with personal projects and to purify the movement institutions from corrupt people and people with low morals if any. He also maintained that the revolution of Hussain is a human revolution that lays the foundation of the future, indicating that there are many intersections, temperaments, aberrances and heavy legacies with no absolute freedom to choose the tools and goals. His eminence called on the movement members to pursue work and self-development and to establish the pillars of the project, as they will reap greater fruits and will have a clearer project in the future, this being another lesson to be learned from the Hussaini revolution. Furthermore, he prompted them to fill their hearts with will, determination and resolution, because Hussain (AS) is the leader of will and determination and his revolution is the richest reformist revolution in purpose and will. He also urged them to be Hussainis in terms of approach, determination and will, indicating that Karbala is not just a political scream in the face of injustice but is a moral, social and economic scream in the face of the neglect of people’s rights, aberrance, treason and renunciation of responsibility. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim finally clarified that Ashura is a school that does not simply end in its time, but persists as long as we keep holding its banner; it is a school that grants us an approach towards life and a way to work, not one that gives us the ideas and neglects the implementation. He finally stated that the maximum devotion to the project and to the Hussaini approach is represented by our ability to implement them in real life and translate them into our ethics and our work.

The Only Key for the Establishment of Comprehensive and Integrated Security, Economic and Political Systems Is To Create Positive Relations between the Poles of the Region
    His Eminence called on all region countries to benefit from the lessons of the past and the present because if the fire ignites, it would devour everybody, without exception, and our region is encountering blazing fire since years ago and it’s time to stop the fire and put an end to the proxy wars, stressing that our region is a very important region to the point that the world determines the movement of its compass by creating it and whenever we become more and more inconsistent and discarding, we would weaken ourselves, our logic and our region. His Eminence pointed out that our region is facing terrorism and international disaccords and is exposed to great pressure in dealing with many common and critical issues, stressing that the only key for the establishment of comprehensive and integrated security, economic and political systems is to create positive relations between the poles of the region that are esteemed by the whole world and that ensure stability and prosperity for the peoples of the region, warning of the ongoing long conflicts if the countries of the region would not respond to the voice of reason and the logic of common interests; as well, the peoples of the region would pay the price of these conflicts and disagreements, noting that Hussain "P" has established the values by his martyrdom, fixed its frames and clarified its landmarks by his pure blood, and planted it in our hearts, minds and spirits by his anniversary, calling to graduate from the school of Hussain with more  strength, determination and morality. For him, Hussain consolation would only graduate heroes as it is the consolation of the master of the martyrs and heroes, and it would never graduate defeated people because it is the consolation of the man of the thundering cry “Crying to the moon us humiliation", stressing on having good manners as Hussain and on following him and refusing injustice just like him.

The Best of the Hussaini Revolution Is that It Being a Revolution of Good Morals and of Principles
    His Eminence said in Ashura, we reconsider but we don't step back, and this is our course and our leadership because, in our perspective, Ashura is a life story that renews among nations and peoples, an extension to what the prophets had already started over time, and an incarnation of the divine message on earth, calling to follow in the footsteps of Hussain in action and words, to soak up the Hussaini course and to apply this course and not only to uphold the Hussain's banners. He also said Ashura is the nation project and we must courageously face the weakness that may affect some of the holders of the Hussain's banner for the followers of Yazid and of his course wouldn't win so much ground hadn't some of us whose biggest concern was this worldly life which made them forget to remember Allah get weakened. He added that the course of Hussain is that of building a state based on values and principles, not on power, and that it's the course of reformation, not of corruption, the course of the nation not of the narrow partisanship and factionalism and that the best of the Hussaini Revolution is that it being first of all a revolution of good morals and of principles.  According to him, Ashura is not only a time for crying and mourning, but also a renewable starting point to pursue our biggest message project. He also stated that thousands of Hussain followers have been martyred and that we must be courage and face ourselves with the facts even if such facts are so bitter and hard for the course of Hussain is that of the intrepid people, not of those who hide behind fake excuses and justifications. He explained that now after ten years of hard and bloody experience, we can seen the nation's project suffering and swaying between failure and success and this is because some of us didn't follow the course of the reformist project, praising the Hussaini youth who are fighting at the fronts to drive the blind grudge away from our cities, villages, women and children. He added that every day, we announce with joy the martyrdom of a number of those youth who would be received in the eternal paradise, and the mothers rejoices about the martyrdom of their sons, and without them, we would be invaded by the plague of evil terrorism and by the heirs of the sons of the livers' eaters.