Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called to invest the current positive environment, in light of the new government based on a clear consensual vision and common work spirit to pass the biggest number of laws that support women and their development and preserve their rights. His eminence stressed the need to carry out a comprehensive and scientific evaluation of the situation of Iraqi women, in order to identify the size of the human and social disaster that we face, urging the civil society organizations concerned in women affairs to take the initiative and launch this campaign, and to help the governmental apparatuses suffering from hindering routine procedures without considering the political sensitivities that might hamper any project aiming to make the community aware of its real situation. His eminence indicated that identifying the number of oppressed and taunted women, widows and single women with no providers, women who suffer from poverty and health negligence, girls with no access to education, could help identify the size of the social disaster that no one dares to talk about. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim assured that the issues of women are among the top priorities because we firmly believe that building good citizens starts with building conscious women and that instilling the concept of citizenship starts with instilling the concept of social justice, knowing that social justice can only be achieved by making justice to women being half of the society and its main pillar.
This came in Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim’s speech delivered at his office in Baghdad on Saturday, November 22, 2014, on the annual anniversary of the Islamic day of anti-violence against women which coincides with the captivation of the women and children of the messenger of Allah on the 1st of Sefr of 61 A.H. after the martyrdom and beheading of Imam Hussain (AS), his household and companions.
His eminence maintained that the martyr of the niche movement uses, in its social policy, the faith in women’s capacity to contribute in the development of the community and the country. He explained that the major goals established by the movement are mainly about liberating women from fear, weakness, lack of self-esteem and neediness, indicating that the safety of communities begins with the safety of women.

Working in a Team Spirit, Participating and Terminating the Ego and the Exclusion
    Moreover, his Eminence called on the political powers to work in a team spirit, to participate, to terminate the ego and the exclusion as well as to have a standard understanding and definition of the concept of the country, stating that based on the past experiences, Iraq doesn't govern with one hand, or one thought or one approach and everyone has to believe in this destiny and works through it. He also called to bring all the projects in one single projects in order to earn the respect of Iraqi people first, and then of the others. According to him, the ultimate goal is build a fair, modern state that can protect its people, develop its resources and safeguard its existence and such state can't be achieved unless if we create a standard understanding of the country and bring all projects in one single and global project that can contain all the parties. In addition, he said the global social political stability is only maintained when all agree on one clear concept of the country and on committing to this concept, confirming that the freedom is a guaranteed right for everyone and the determination of the fate within its constitutional contexts is part of the freedom and that the unity and cohesion mentality must prevail over the separation and seclusion one.
The Key and Pivotal Role of Women in the Movement, Policy and Project of the Society
    Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim noted that the example of Zainab is the definitive answer to all those who have been attacking the religion under the pretext of defending women's rights and pretending that the religion persecutes the women, adding that the allegiance by women to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) proves the participation of women in the political project since the beginning, in addition to the the position of Lady Fatima (AS) as to a pivotal political issue and her support for Ali (AS) in the matter of the imamate, and the sermon of Lady Zainab in the court of Yazid and her arguments that silenced the abnormal logic of Yazid. He made clear that not only men can be role models, but also the distinguished women represented in the shiny example of Zainab. For him, Zainab was not a broken, introvert or ignorant woman; rather she was knowledgeable, strong, open to her reality and aware of her social limits and political role. She (AS) faced tyrants and argued them, turning the captors and the violence used against her into a public opinion issue that led to the collapse of the violence using system that governed the nation, he said.
Treating Fairly the Iraqi Women in terms of Rights, Justice, Course and Politics
    On the other hand, his Eminence said it's the religious, human and national obligation of everyone to treat fairly the Iraqi women in terms of rights, justice, course and politics after they had paid dearly as a result of the dictatorial policies and the political instability over the last 40 years, not to mention that they have been indirect targets for violence and persecution and direct targets for the terrorist killers who boast of their sick caliphate and made the holding of women as hostages and the attacking of the honor and the violation of what's sacred among its pillars.