Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, reiterated his rejection of the attacks against the popular crowd which make them look like armed militias that target the security of the citizens, saying this is unfair for those who behead, occupy the lands, displace the citizens and violates all religions and denominations and those who give the occupied lands back to their owners and defend the citizens are totally different. Here, he stressed the need to go after those who use the name of the popular crowd to steal, or kill or cause harm through gangs and mafias, maintaining that there is no mercy and no leniency for the criminals and with the accusation of the Mujahideen, and this is the rule that we must apply and abide by, calling on the visitors to ask Allah the dignity and the pride for this oppressed people.
This came in a speech delivered by his Eminence during a Hussain mourning procession in Nasiriyah on Sunday, 30/11/2014.
    His Eminence emphasized the importance of chasing the corrupters and exposing them to distinguish them from the loyal and the patriotic citizens. He added that when bad people are punished and good people are rewarded, the people will live happily and will see the reconstruction and development projects accomplished, pointing to the difference between those who sympathize with Hussain and those who follow him, since we find the course of Hussain and that of Yazid. The enemies of Hussain are the ISIS groups who cut off water supply from the people, destroy the dams and leave the people thirsty in Balad Ruz and the other regions. On the other hand, he noted that Hussain exists today through his representatives  within the religious authority and whoever wants to be with Hussain, he must support the religious authority, while Yazid is represented by the ISIS terrorism and its supporters and whoever wants to be against them, he would align with Yazid. Moreover, his Eminence underlined the need to answer the call of the religious authority, which is also the call of Hussain, because Iraq doesn’t need regional international parties that come with their own agendas for Iraqis can depend on themselves and on Hussain’s course and stick to Hussain’s project to confront the enemies.