Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called to accelerate the enactment of the laws that ensure the legal framework for the popular crowd and the tribes, describing their work as outstanding. His eminence insisted on keeping offenses away from these honorable titles, assuring that the process of freeing the land and purifying Iraq from ISIS will continue. Furthermore, his eminence indicated the importance of strengthening the relations and sustaining communication among the political forces, explaining that his meeting with Al-Jabouri in his office in Baghdad on Sunday, December 14, 2014, had tackled the political, developmental and service situation, as well as the national, regional and international relations. Sayyid Al Hakim assured that he discussed with the speaker of parliament the security issue which is the concern of all Iraqis, and the nature of procedures required to support the security forces like the army, the police, the popular crowd and the tribes. He also praised the Arba’een visit and the efforts made by the security forces and the Hussaini convoys and bodies, and mentioned the large numbers of visitors from outside Iraq.  For his part, Al-Jabouri expressed his belief that the security issue needs the solidarity of all political parties and their support to the security forces in the fight against terrorism and related challenges. Moreover, he highlighted that his meeting with Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim was held in the context of the necessary communication with Iraqi decision-makers in the light of current challenges, and he explained that his eminence has a significant and efficient opinion, which entails the need to consult with him and other eminent and major personalities in Iraq to discuss the political and security situation. The speaker called to consider the political aspect based on the fact that political reform contributes to security reform based on the agreements made by the political forces, stressing the importance of implementing the agreements in a timely manner. Al-Jabouri pointed out that all political forces are eager to send positive messages to the Iraqi community while seeking to end the security problems, support the popular crowd and the tribes and overcome all obstacles, official or popular, to the security contribution. In this context, he affirmed that continuous dialogue increases trust and unifies viewpoints, and called for an Iraqi project that can be marketed in the Arab, regional and international community, a project where we speak with one vision of one project that unites all parties. On another note, the speaker explained that the budget is one of the most important duties entrusted to the parliament, renewing the parliament’s readiness to hold a special session to discuss the budget in case the government passes it along. He also clarified that he will bring up the support to Iraq with the Islamic Republic of Iraq, underlining that Iraq should, in the same time, be an important player and decision maker not only in the regional arena, but also in the Arab and international arenas in general. Al-Jabouri finally stressed the need to keep communication channels open, explaining that there are a number of projects which are based on the vision of the political forces and adding that international parties should be informed of them before making any announcement in this regard.