Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council in Iraq, stressed the need to transform the National Alliance into an effective institution, calling for the implementation of a budget that goes in line with reality and makes up the shortage. His eminence stressed the importance of developing a security strategy in the face of ISIL, underlining that National Guard must be the framework for keeping Iraq as a whole, calling on states that Iraq was opened up on them to exchange openness with it, praising the understanding reached between Baghdad and Erbil on oil, and stressing that this agreement has proven its success
This came while his eminence was heading the central Shura council of the Martyr of the Niche Movement, on Monday, December 22, 2014.
    His eminence renewed his condolences to Imam Mahdi (P), great ulemas and faithful people to commemorate the death anniversary of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), praising the million people procession during Arba’een visit participation, noting that these overcrowded processions have deep concepts, considering those people as the most important spiritual message that helps in building the human being, praising the opinion of the religious authority in calling for the establishment of a competent body for Hussain rituals, considering that visitors’ participation from different countries around the world during Arba’een visit is a support for Hussain "P" and Iraqi people in the face of ISIL, and commending the role of the members of the Martyr of the Niche Movement in commemorating the blessed Arba’een rituals.