Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, warned of statements released by some figures calling on the need for the intervention of international or U.S. ground forces, stressing that Iraqis object the intervention of any international or U.S. ground forces as they are able to liberate their land. His eminence appealed the international community, in case it is serious in supporting Iraq in its war against ISIS, to give support to the Iraqi government which in turn will deliver it to all fighters, of all denominations, who answered the Marja’s call, calling on the armed forces, the people crowd and the Peshmerga to achieve further victories over ISIS without allowing them to take their breath. His eminence expressed his happiness for the preparations made by the Arab tribes to fight ISIS, calling on the government to support the people crowd forces and everyone holding weapon in face of terrorism, on the administrative and logistical scales.
This came in a speech addressed by his eminence, during the celebration of the Holy Prophet's birth, in his eminence's office in Baghdad and 14 provinces across closed-circuit television, on Saturday, January 10th, 2015.
Warning of the Repercussions of Arresting Sheikh Ali Salman in Bahrain
The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council in Iraq expressed his regret of arresting Sheikh Ali Salman, the Secretary General of al-Wefaq Islamic Society, by the Bahraini authorities, describing him as the peaceful figure that raised the slogan of demanding rights peacefully, warning of the repercussions of his arrest. His eminence called, as well, for holding an honest dialogue and giving a real space for moderate people, noting that Bahrain’s problem must be addressed inside Bahrain, saying that the Iraqis do not want to interfere in its affairs. He expressed hope for the release of Sheikh Salman, which will contribute to the achievement of the legitimate rights of the Bahraini people under the current circumstances.
Strong Condemnation of the Targeting of Mosque Imams in Basra
His eminence condemned in the strongest terms the targeting of mosque Imams by ISIS in the province of Basra, assuring that ISIS does not know that there are many moderates in this country who will prevent it from reaching its goals. He asked the security apparatuses to take the necessary measures to arrest the offenders and ensure the security of citizens, indicating that the terrorist attacks that have hit France are unrelated to Islam and should be condemned in the same strong words that condemn the publication of prophet Mohammad (pbuh) cartoons. His eminence stressed the need to respect sacred beliefs between Muslims and other religions and among Muslims themselves, highlighting the importance of unity, mainly embodied by the acceptance of others and of diversity. He added that difference is the essence of life, and isn’t thus a shame, the shame being the inability of addressing this difference. He also urged everyone to expand the circle of common points and reduce that of differences, considering that ISIS is a factor that unites Iraqis after being meant to divide the community. Instead, his eminence pursued, it united everyone by targeting the followers of Ahl Al Bayt, Christians and Yazidis, and even the region that it claimed to defend. Sayyid Al Hakim explained that ISIS has become the enemy of all the states in the world and the region, and that everyone is seeking to fight it at different levels.
Quran Has Spoken of the Characteristics of the Prophet like Loyalty, Piety and Supplication to Allah
His eminence congratulated the Muslims on the birth of the honorable prophet (pbuh) and its with the birth of Imam Sadeq (AS), explaining that this is a natural prolongation of Ahl Al Bayt (AS) and not a mere coincidence. He reminded attendees of the call that Aziz Al Iraq (may Allah sanctify his soul) had launched to celebrate the birth of the prophet during a week of love and mercy, and to celebrate national occasions like the army and police day and the world interfaith harmony week in the beginning of the coming month. Sayyid Al Hakim pointed out that the birth of the Christ (AS) was the start of history for Christians whereas in Islam, the hijra of the prophet marked the beginning of Islamic history based on an opinion of Imam Ali (AS), considering that the hijra was the start of the missionary project. Furthermore, his eminence stated that Quran describes the prophet with so many attributes and characteristics including faithfulness, piety and supplication to Allah, in addition to mercy, uprightness and virtuousness. His eminence finally cited other characteristics like trust in Allah, night prayer, fear of Allah, call for wisdom, honesty, courage, kindness and plea for mercy and goodness for the people.