Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, highlighted the media’s role in reinforcing cohesion and strengthening ties among the citizens of one country, while urging to find solutions that could deepen national harmony. His eminence called on the Journalists Syndicate to work hard to organize regional and international conferences and activities in Iraq to inform Arab and foreign journalists and reporters of the Iraqi reality and show them Iraqis’ determination to face terrorism and advance in different fields. His eminence also praised the efforts made by the Syndicate and journalists to communicate the truth and affirm the unity of Iraqis.

    This came when Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim was receiving the chairman and members of the new council of the Iraq Journalists Syndicate, in his eminence’s office in Baghdad on Monday, January 19, 2015.
His eminence called to use the regional and international momentum and form a broad national front dedicated to facing ISIS, prompting the media outlets to push towards implementing the governmental platform and pursuing the communication among Iraqi parties in order to strengthen the relations between the citizens of one country and reinforce national cohesion. Furthermore, he called on the media outlets to distinguish between framed freedom and incontrollable freedom, stressing the need to avoid the inducement of sectarianism, especially that terrorism is nowadays threatening all Iraqi components, in addition to compromising world security and peace.
    For his part, the chairman of the syndicate, Mouayad Al-Lami, thanked Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim for his support to journalists in Iraq and his repetitive calls for the media outlets to maintain integrity and impartiality and considering the higher national interest above everything else. He indicated as well that the Journalists Syndicate has maintained the unity of journalists despite the many challenges encountered by the Iraqi media.
Furthermore, the chairman of the journalists syndicate informed his eminence of the syndicate’s work and efforts to improve its performance, explaining that the syndicate is about to inaugurate the faculty of technical media and to launch the center of research and studies in coordination with international and Iraqi entities. Mr. Al-Lami assured that the journalists syndicate has started attracting holders of advanced diplomas to become members and that the syndicate is planning a number of local and international conferences to convey Iraq’s voice and introduce the world to the challenges the country is facing while stressing the need to support it on different levels.