Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council in Iraq, expressed concern over the unjust attack against Muslims, in the world in general, and in Europe in particular, following the terrorist act committed against France recently.
This came in a meeting, in his office in Baghdad, Tuesday, January 20th, 2015, between His Eminence and the European Union Ambassador in Iraq, Jana Hybášková.
    The head of the Islamic Supreme Council in Iraq called on the European Union to intervene and exert pressure to stop these acts as well as republishing photos depicting Islam’s greatest Prophet (Peace be upon him and his family), which arouses feelings of anger, fuels extremism, and encourages more violence that may lead to dangerous troubles that are difficult to control. His Eminence stressed as well the need to take effective measures and mechanisms that can be included in the European constitutions to maintain good relations and common interests between Muslim countries and Europe.
His Eminence also expressed his resentment of what happens in Bahrain that further escalate the crisis by arresting Sheikh Ali Salman  which negatively affect the situation in the whole region.
    Both parties reviewed and discussed the political issue in the country and the government’s goodwill towards the political process parties, and they emphasized on the need to find appropriate mechanisms to implement what was agreed upon between the political forces as soon as possible. His Eminence also stressed the importance of supporting government to make greater achievements in various fields. 
For her part, the ambassador Hybášková confirmed her understanding to His Eminence’s standpoint, stating that she will inform the European Union of this justified concern, expressing the Union’s support for the Iraqi government’s steps in its openness to the countries of the region and the world.