Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, received in his office in Baghdad a delegation from the union of national forces headed by the parliament speaker, Dr. Salim Al Jabouri, on Wednesday, February 25, 2015.
    His eminence assured that the meeting was an occasion to discuss the political developments, the fight against ISIS and its expansion, the government platform and the measures required to continue implementing of its clauses that were adopted and voted by the parliament. He explained that he discussed with the delegation the positive approaches adopted by the government, indicating that the delegation highlighted its support for the political process, the government and the prime minister. His eminence also mentioned the willingness to move forward with a strong homogeneous team capable of solving the problems, stressing the importance of addressing the situation of the displaced and working to get them back to their houses.
    For his part, Al Jabouri pointed out that the meeting was an affirmation of the principle of consultation among the blocs and was held based on the strong belief in the wisdom of Sayyid Al Hakim and the Supreme Council. He also assured that they are serious in building a State that respects the human beings, the law and the partnership, a State where everyone assumes their responsibilities and is given their rights and obligations. Mr. Al Jabouri stated that the security developments are so far satisfying and hoped that the Iraqi territory will be freed thanks to the security forces and the popular crowd. He insisted on advancing the political agreement and the essential legislations agreed upon as necessary to build the State. On the other hand, the parliament speaker expressed his concern regarding some security problems that need a common effort, especially through publishing the investigation outcomes, punishing the criminals and teaching a lesson to anyone seeking to mess with the security and stability of the country. Mr. Al Jabouri indicated that the law relative to the national guard is among the laws considered in unanimity to be essential to enact, explaining that the problem resides in the delay in sending it to the parliament. He added in this regard that it has come to his knowledge from an unofficial source that the law has made its way through the State Shura council and will eventually get to the parliament for voting. Mr. Al Jabouri finally clarified that the political parties are free to take the stances that are aligned with their political vision, knowing that these stances are in fact messages they send to others signifying that challenges are faced collectively and that the presence of this or that bloc is not a big crisis as long as the important matters are discussed.