Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called on the Council of Representatives to quickly enact and pass the teacher’s protection act so that the teachers can be reassured while exercising this profession and enduring all these difficulties during the teaching process. His Eminence also stressed the need to protect the teacher’s material and moral rights and the required privileges in order to create the material and psychological conditions for the male and female teachers so that they can offer the best to our young learners. This came during a visit by his Eminence with a number of the members of Baghdad’s provincial council and of MPs on Sunday, 1/3/2015 to schools within the second Rusafa sector in Karrada region in Baghdad, underlining the need to develop the capacities of the teaching cadres by involving them into training sessions and institutes in the country and abroad in order to advance the level of education and the means of teaching and to stay up to date with the latest developments around the world, and so that they can offer the right culture to our children. Moreover, he said it is important to turn the institutes of the male and female teachers into colleges until developing and rehabilitating the teaching cadres so that we can have professional teachers who are able to convey the curriculum, influence the students and provide an excellent, developed performance to them.    
Furthermore, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim praised the arduous efforts made by the teaching professionals and highlighted their humanitarian mission, similar to that of the prophets, of conveying information to students. His eminence expressed his hope that the relationship between teachers and students, and between teachers and parents, would be optimally regulated and that the teachers would be given a great value for their opinion and mission, in order to seize the opportunities to develop the capacities of students and to establish an integrated educational system. He pointed out that students are the country’s biggest wealth, adding that unless this wealth is preserved and their capacities developed, we will witness an imbalance in many societal aspects. His eminence stressed the need to revisit the school curricula and make them more aligned with the daily concerns of society, with a realistic and practical dimension that is adapted to the students’ environment. His eminence also called upon the students to get concerned with the security and political situation and public affairs, indicating that thousands of our sons are today on the battlefield defending the country and their fellow citizens against the terrorism of ISIS. His eminence added however that it is imperative to keep schools away from the ongoing political conflicts and disputes.