Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called to promote the sportsmanship and to have a courageous dialogue to bring out a vision that would be reassuring to everyone, stressing the importance of the sportsmanship in facing the enemies and the administrative and financial corruption, of moving forward with the national reconciliation and of restoring unity within the Iraqi society. He also pointed to the importance of the sportsmanship in building the country and serving the citizens, underlining the need to exercise serious and diligent efforts to lift up the international embargo on the Iraqi playgrounds. He said the Iraqi playgrounds re-hosting of the official competitions and championships will bring back to the Iraqi sports their glow and international status.
This came in a speech delivered by his Eminence on the occasion of the inauguration of the second round of the 6th Aziz al Iraq football championship with the participation of 5400 sports teams at his Eminence in Baghdad on Thursday, 5/3/2015.
    Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim maintained that the championship scores are both high and real, and supported by a field movement and personal efforts that were translated by a voluntary action of a competent team composed of 1500 persons, considering the championship as a life message launched by the Iraqi people in their confrontation with ISIS, praising the achievements made by the Iraqi army, the security forces, the popular crowd, the Iraqi tribes and the Peshmerga against the fiercest gangs.
    His eminence expressed his regret for the absence of media from such big Iraqi achievement, calling on media outlets to look for success stories. He affirmed that sports mean health, safety, zeal, renewed energy, and advancement of the strengths of character, explaining that building an active community requires taking care of sports and diffusing the sportive culture and communication with others. His eminence also indicated that sports are the key to the success of the homogeneous team and reliance on personal capacities, calling to look after popular teams as they are the core of national teams. Sayyid Al Hakim urged the concerned entities to follow the Aziz al Iraq championship and benefit from the potentials exhibited in the championship through the participating teams and athletes. He also prompted these entities to give the necessary attention to the football schools, in order to reach a professional sports practice.
    Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim clarified that achieving a quantum leap in the area of sports requires selecting the competent persons to manage sport institutions, away from favoritism and clientelism, and forming a homogeneous team in charge of managing the sports sector between the concerned ministry, the Olympic committee and sport unions, as well as turning competition into integration. His eminence highlighted the importance of volunteer work, and of rationalizing spending to expand sport activities, supporting investment in sports, eliminating manipulation and falsification in sports, and diffusing the culture of discipline in the attitude of the public. He finally underlined the importance of holding developmental sessions and seeking to train young sport leaders able to pursue the mission.