As part of his continuous visits to the members of the security forces and of the popular crowd who are wounded as a result of the military operations, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, praised the determination of the wounded, their high spirit and their insistence on returning to the battlefields after recovery.
This came in a visit made by his Eminence on Friday, March 6, 2015 to wounded members of the security forces and of the popular crowd in Kadhimiya hospital in Baghdad. His Eminence said the wounded are from all levels the leaders and high ranks to members of the army, the police and the popular crowd, asserting that the visit of the patients is intended lift their spirit, but here, it is quite the opposite; it is our wounded who give their parents and visitors determination and positivism, and the evidence is that they are still wearing their military uniform. On the other hand, he considered the challenge in Iraq as important stop in building and reinforcing the Iraqi experience, evaluating the efforts made by the Ministry of Health and its cadre around the clock to provide the medical care to the wounded. He added that these conditions will turn into good memories that would eternalize the heroism of the Iraqis, their defense of the land, the sanctities and their cohesion with the religious authorities.